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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


NY Post: Nancy Pelosi Is A Coward
Sean commented on a NY Post editorial on today’s show which calls Nancy Pelosi “a coward, a bully and a hypocrite.” The Post piece explains how the House Speaker can’t find enough votes in her own party to pass Obama Care, so she’s preparing to approve the president’s bill by “legislative legerdemain” – that is, by not voting on it. Pelosi may rely on procedural sleight of hand by attempting to use a technique called “deem and pass,” in which the House would vote on a few less-controversial fixes to the Senate’s health care bill. Then, under special rule, this passage would automatically mean the House “deems” that the ENTIRE bill has been approved. “By the way, it’s not just Nancy Pelosi,” Sean added, “Any Democrat that buys into ‘deem the bill passed’ because they don’t have the votes to legitimately pass it – is cowardly.” “Deem and pass” has been commonly used, although never to pass legislation as momentous, or disastrous as the $875 billion Obama health care bill.

Us Versus Them Mentality
With a vote on Obama care looming in the not-so-distant future, Sean invited Patrick J. Buchanan onto the program to get his take on the situation. Buchanan feels that Democrats are really going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get every last ‘yes’ vote they can in order for the bill to pass. “If the President can get it to within 4 votes, say 211 or 212, of passage, the pressure really comes down on the other individuals. And in that situation they tend to start flipping them.” Ultimately, Buchanan explained, the decision to vote for the reform package isn’t even based on the merits of the bill. “If you ask most Democrats privately if they really want this bill to pass, they’ll tell you ‘no’. What it comes down to is a matter of power – us versus them. The Democrats are being told, ‘Do you want to give Hannity and Limbaugh the victory because our team has been beaten?’ Do they want to be responsible for that? The answer is no. It’s an ‘us versus them’ situation…’our team versus their team’ mentality, and I gotta tell you, I think Obama may get [the bill to pass],” Buchanan concluded.

Take Our Country Back Tour!
Country superstar John Rich, from the band Big and Rich, joined Sean in the show’s final hour with a surprise announcement. Sean, John Rich and Laura Ingraham will all appear in Kansas City, MO at an event called “Taking Our Country Back Tour.” Sean and Ingraham will both speak and be on hand to autograph copies of their books. John Rich will also give a live performance. If you’re up for a great day of music and inspiration click here to purchase your tickets.

Show Guests

Pat Buchanan

Patrick Joseph "Pat" Buchanan (born November 2, 1938) is an American conservative political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster. Buchanan was a senior advisor to American presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, and was an original host on CNN's Crossfire. He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996. He ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election.

John Rich

John Rich (born January 7, 1974 in Amarillo, Texas) is an American country music artist. From 1992 to 1998, he was a member of the country music band Lonestar, in which he played bass guitar and alternated with Richie McDonald as lead vocalist. After being fired from the band Lonestar in 1998, Rich embarked on a solo career on BNA Records in the late 1990s, releasing two singles for the label and recording Underneath the Same Moon, which was not released until 2006. By 2003, he joined Big Kenny to form the duo Big & Rich, who released three albums on Warner Bros. Records as well as ten singles, including the Number One "Lost in This Moment." After Big & Rich went on hiatus in 2007, Rich began work on a second solo album, Son of a Preacher Man, which has produced two more chart singles. In addition to his work in Big & Rich, John has co-written singles for multiple artists, including Keith Anderson, Cowboy Troy and Gretchen Wilson, as well as producing... More >