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Monday, March 29th, 2010

Spreading The Wealth Around
Although businesses like Caterpillar {Article} and AT&T have already publicly announced Obama Care will cost their companies hundreds of millions of dollars - it will likely be years until the full impact of the health care bill is felt. Higher taxes and premiums will eventually begin to hit Americans where it hurts the most – our pockets. Even Howard Dean this past weekend admitted that Obama Care “is a form of re-distribution [of wealth].” This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Obama himself pledged to “spread the wealth around” during his presidential campaign. “True to form, Obama has gone out and promoted the very policies that do just that,” said Sean. “A perfect example is Obama Care and the recent push for Cap and Tax. We’ve empowered the federal government and the radicals that now run this. They are draining the resources almost completely from the private sector.” What do you call this? “It’s easy…it’s called socialism,” Sean concluded.

Two Democrats Who Agree With Sean?
In the show’s second hour, Sean was joined by Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell. Schoen and Caddell, both Democrats, voted for Obama, but told Sean they’re now having second thoughts. “Pat you can speak for yourself, but I believed the rhetoric [from Obama],” Schoen explained to Sean. “I thought when he spoke of not a red or a blue America but of a United States of America he would govern from the center and try to forge bipartisan coalitions – clearly that hasn’t happened,” Schoen added. “I think Democrats have made a big mistake by not reaching out to the Tea Party movement and trying to find common ground with at least some people,” added Caddell. “I’m listening to you as a Democrat Pat and it’s almost as if you could be a guest host on my program,” Sean joked.

Obama’s Surprise Visit To Afghanistan
This past weekend President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan and spoke briefly with our men and women in uniform. “Together with our partners, we will prevail. I’m absolutely confident of that,” Obama said. Wasn’t this the same president who called America “arrogant?” “Oh that’s funny,” Sean said sarcastically, “I wonder if any of the troops remember what Obama said during a campaign rally in August of 2007?” Obama said that the United States had “neglected entirely the reconstruction process in Afghanistan so we have to get the job done there. That will require us to have enough troops that we’re not just air raiding villages and killing civilians which is causing enormous problems there.” “When is the media going to ask the tough questions of Obama?” Sean asked. “How many broken promises is he going to make?

Show Guests

Pat Caddell

Patrick Hayward Caddell (also Pat or Patrick H., born May 19, 1950, in Rock Hill, South Carolina) is an American public opinion pollster and a political film consultant.

Doug Schoen

Douglas Schoen is a political analyst, pollster, author, and commentator in the United States. He appears regularly on Fox News. He partnered with political strategist Mark Penn and Michael Berland in the firm of Penn, Schoen & Berland. Schoen graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School and attended Horace Mann High School in New York City. He has worked on the campaigns of many Democratic party candidates including Ed Koch and Bill Clinton, as well as on behalf of corporate clients. He also did work for Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. His opinions are carried by media covering the Barack Obama administration.