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Friday, April 16th, 2010

Keep The Passion Alive
Tea Partiers turned out in force across the nation yesterday calling for fewer taxes and less government. The protesters also promoted a call to patriotism and for increased personal participation in the affairs of the country. Citizens from all walks of life, fed up with the corruption and overspending in Washington, gathered together in a unified voice. The turnout filled Sean with pride and inspired him to continue pushing for a “ Conservative Victory.” “What an incredible day yesterday for this country, the country we love,” Sean said. “Americans all around the country used their freedom of speech, their liberty, to speak out against government policies that they disagree with. It is beyond inspiring. It is in our DNA…in our blood – our love for freedom. For all of you who participated at any point throughout this year, keep your passion alive. Stay engaged and never back off your principals.”

Unemployment Claims Jump Unexpectedly
While there are some indications that the U.S. maybe climbing out of one of the worst recessions in recent memory, try telling that to the millions of unemployed. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits jumped unexpectedly by 24,000 to a seasonally adjusted 484,000 last week. Unemployment continues to weigh heavily on a growing number of homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages. U.S. home foreclosures jumped 19 percent to a new monthly record in March. Yet in the midst of all this economic turmoil, the government is considering tax increases! “Does the government work for you, or do you work for the government?” Sean asked.

Guess Who’s Trashing The Tea Party Movement Now?
On the heels of one of the most successful national rally turnouts in history, former President Bill Clinton attempted to trash the Tea Party movement in a speech earlier today. Clinton drew comparisons between right-wing extremism leading to the Oklahoma City bombing and current anti-government anger. Clinton specifically singled out Michele Bachmann who railed against the “gangster government” at a Tea Party yesterday. Clinton said, “They [those elected] are not doing anything they were not elected to do.” “Hey Bill, I have news for you,” Sean said sharply, “neither are the people showing up at the Tea Parties.”