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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Smoke And Mirrors reported today that Goldman Sachs was one of Obama’s top presidential campaign donors – giving nearly 1 million dollars to “The Annointed One’s” war chest. This is the same company that Obama singled out and demonized last week for the financial collapse on Wall Street. What are the chances Obama gives that money back? What’s worse, Sean described in the first hour of today’s show, Obama’s attack on Goldman Sachs was really politically motivated. A report on accuses Democrats and the SEC for timing the announcement of their fraud case against Sachs to coincide with Democrats’ bid to overhaul the nation’s financial regulatory infrastructure. “You take the worst companies in this country, and the worst accounting practices and all the Ponzi schemes – nothing begins to compare to the way that government has mismanaged our money,” Sean said.

Behind The Anti-Tea Party Hate Narrative
Sean highlighted an excellent article by Byron York in which he details the hate behind the anti-Tea Party movement. Many people, most notably Bill Clinton, have concluded that the Tea Partiers' intense opposition to the Obama administration has caused overheated political rhetoric, which could potentially lead to violence. Bryon York details how many of the claims of rising extremism come from research done by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC has tracked these threats for almost 40 years, but as York writes, “today’s warnings sound an awful lot like those of the past.” York concludes that while the level of frustration is indeed a threat, it is only a political threat, and not a physical one. You can read York’s entire column in today’s Washington Examiner here.

Should Independents Be Allowed To Vote In Primaries?
Many states do not allow citizens registered as Independents to vote in primary elections. Colleen, an Independent registered in New York, called in and told Sean that this made her feel somewhat “detached from the election process.” Sean, a registered Conservative, explained that this has happened to him many times over the years. “I’m a Conservative, I consider myself a Reagan Conservative. I re-registered once as a Republican because I wanted to vote in some election, I forget which one. But ultimately you have a decision to make here. If you want to get involved in primaries you need to pick a particular party so that you can have a say in that party’s nominating process. It is aggravating to me, and I can understand your dilemma,” Sean told Colleen. Vote in the poll on and let us know what you think!

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