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Friday, March 14th, 2010

Holder On The Hot Seat
Attorney General Eric Holder voiced concern this week that the Arizona immigration law’s enforcement could lead to racial profiling. Holder said the Justice Department was "considering all of our options," including a lawsuit either on grounds that the Arizona law had pre-empted federal powers or was a violation of federal civil rights statutes. Yet, when asked by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Holder acknowledged he had not even read the bill! {Transcript of Hearing | Video}. How can Eric Holder even consider a lawsuit against Arizona if he hasn’t even read the bill? “Do you realize how nuts this is?” Sean asked. “Do you realize how foolish he sounds speaking before the House Judiciary Committee?”

The Architect Of Immigration Laws
When politicians and law enforcement across America want to crack down on illegal immigration, they usually contact the same man – Kris Kobach. Kobach, a little-known Kansas attorney, is an Ivy League educated lawyer who is the architect behind many of the U.S.’s immigration laws. Kobach helps draft proposed laws and, if they are adopted, trains officers to enforce them. Kobach joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline to discuss the controversy surrounding the bill he helped craft. Kobach described to Sean how President Obama has mischaracterized the new Arizona immigration bill. Obama has said that under the new law a person could be “suddenly” harassed by law enforcement if they did not have papers documenting their citizenship. “The president was evidently unaware that for the past seventy years federal law has required aliens in the United States to carry on their person, certain papers. This is nothing new,” said Kobach. “All the Arizona law does is say if you’re breaking that federal law you’re committing a state misdemeanor as well.” To read the entire 16-page bill for yourself, please Click Here.

Students Who Support Hamas?
Sean welcomed David Horowitz to the show’s final hour to talk about the controversy surrounding a speech he gave at UC San Diego. Horowitz’s talk was to counter the Muslim Students Association’s “Israeli Apartheid Week.” The undertones of the week were very anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. During the question and answer period Horowitz had a shocking exchange with a member of the MSA in which she said she supported Hamas and revealed the depths of her hatred of Jewish people {Video}. Equally shocking is that the Muslim Students Association receives student government money! Michele Malkin wrote a terrific opinion piece on this disturbing story and can be found Here.

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David Horowitz

David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer and policy advocate. Horowitz was a member of the New Left in the late 1960s before moving to the right in the 1970s. He is a founder and the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, edits the conservative tabloid FrontPage Magazine, and writes for Christopher Ruddy's conservative website NewsMax. Horowitz founded the right-leaning activist group Students for Academic Freedom.