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Monday, June 21st, 2010

While The Oil Leaks Obama Golfs, Parties...
The White House today said that Obama needs some time to relax, and that they “don’t think there’s a person in this country that doesn’t think that their president ought to have a little time to clear his mind.” Well, the White House didn’t look very hard because Sean certainly disagreed. “Every day there is 100,000 gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, invading our beautiful beaches and coastline, destroying animals and wetlands – it’s an environmental catastrophe like we’ve never seen before. Yet nothing is being done on the federal level except for getting in the way of local governments. You would think this would consume ‘The Anointed One's’ days and nights to the point he can’t even shave but you’d be wrong! Over the course of the past 62 days, Obama has played a whopping 7 rounds of golf, watched a Washington Nationals game, hosted numerous sports teams at the White House and one gourmet dinner after another, yet he needs a break, ‘I’m tired.’ That’s just not the way I was raised. He should work until the job is done,” Sean concluded.

Why Boycotting BP Isn’t A Good Idea
Sean hit the airwaves fired up over reports people were contemplating boycotting BP. The Boycott BP campaign is beginning to gather momentum. It includes everyday commuters, celebrities and their gas guzzling tour buses and a Boycott BP Facebook page. The BP boycott initiative suggests that consumers should bypass their local BP stations and patronize other gas stations and convenience shops instead. Sounds like a great idea right? Wrong. “Who gets hurt in the end if they’re successful?” Sean asked. “The guy, the girl ringing up the cash register, pumping gas – they’re the ones that get hurt! Not BP! Usually a boycott means ‘let me draw attention to myself, let me make a political point’ – all at the expense of somebody else,” Sean said. In the long term BP may eventually be impacted by a lack of consumer support and tarnish their reputation. But for the short term, it is the small business owner that will end up paying the price.

John Hofmeister, Former President Of Shell Oil Company
John Hofmeister joined the program and offered some great guidance as to what should be done to combat the growing crisis in the Gulf. Hofmeister agreed with Sean that there appears to be no sense of urgency in cleaning up the spill. “There should be all hands on deck,” the former oil president told Sean. “We need to get the oil off the ocean, that’s where we should be concentrating. We need to spend the time and put the equipment in place such as barges with suction pumps, supertankers with their huge volumes and big powerful pumps – sucking that oil off the ocean so it doesn’t get to the beach.” Such an effort, Hofmeister explained, would require the president to waive the Jones Act. “We need to come up with a logistical solution that can bring big equipment out there, not brooms and mops.”