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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Rick Santelli: The Golden Rule Of Government
Sean was joined on the NewsMaker hotline by CNBC talker Rick Santelli to discuss the progress of the Tea Party and lower taxes in the United States. “Americans are worried about jobs and consumer confidence is at an all-time low,” Sean argued, “and the administration is touting its Summer of Recovery tour but we still have a 9.7 percent unemployment rate.” Santelli jumped in, “The worst scenario is to think that we’re going to try to apply the same stimulus packages to get small businesses going.” Santelli continued, “We need a few more ladies and gentlemen in the halls of Congress who’ll treat tax payer dollars more like their own.” If there was ever a golden rule for government, that’d be it.

The Nuclear Option
Matthew Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, joined Sean on the show to discuss former President Clinton’s latest comments suggesting that Navy could blow up the oil leak and cover the well with debris. “If we sent a small nuclear device it would turn the rock into glass,” informed Simmons, “President Clinton is absolutely right.” The New York Times reported that the Obama administration has already rejected the idea but the “nuclear” option seems to be growing steam. “What’s the percentage of success,” questioned Hannity. Simmons, without missing a beat replied, “100 percent.” Those are pretty good odds.

Al Gore In Trouble
Sean was joined SE Cupp, Andrea Tantaros, and Susan Estrich to discuss the latest scandal where former Vice President Al Gore allegedly sexually assaulted a woman. “Horrible lies have been written about me,” warned Sean, “but as a prominent figure I would never allow myself to be in a hotel room at 11 o’clock at night with a woman or a man for that matter.” Susan Estrich laughingly responded, “I wouldn’t allow you to be either and this was obviously a mistake of judgment.” Yahoo reported the story, which originally occurred in 2006. SE Cupp jumped in, “His judgment is terrible and if you’re a married person you don’t go into a hotel room at 11 o’clock at night but if what this woman is saying is true, it sounds like Al Gore was on something.” For a man who was so critical of former President Bill Clinton this is a very bizarre story.

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Susan Estrich

Susan Estrich (born December 16, 1952) is an American lawyer, professor, author, political operative, feminist advocate, and political commentator for Fox News.