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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Florida Joins The Fight
Florida State Attorney General Bill McCollum made headlines today when he issued a controversial decision suggesting that state law enforcement agencies already have the right to ask about immigration status in the course of their duties. McCollum lead the charge to push the Sunshine State into action saying, “Florida will not be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.” As Sean has said many times, confirming the identification of a person is certainly a tool that law enforcement officials use to do their job effectively and safely. “If you’ve ever been pulled over for a traffic infraction,” noted Hannigy, “You’ll know that’s the first thing the officer does is confirm your identity.” Attorney General McCollum has it right, Arizona has it right, Florida has it right and yet Washington just can’t seem to get it. If you’d like more information or comment on this pending story, visit to join the conversation!

Jehan Harney: 9/11 Mosque Is Okay
Sean was joined by journalist Jehan Harney who spent time defending Imam Feisal Rauf, the leader of the new mosque project coming to fruition at the site of Ground Zero. “Let me tell you something about the controversial Imam,” a defensive Harney told Sean, “he actually published a book ‘What’s Right for Islam Is Right for America’ which condemned terrorism.” Hannity quickly rebuked, “In that book he also said America should be more Shariah compliant and under Shariah law a young man is going to be executed for being gay.” This mosque has stirred a lot of controversy mostly because its entire funding and operation has been kept largely a secret. It’s hard to defend those who want to create this mosque on the site of perhaps America’s greatest tragedy.

Stephen A. Smith: Causing Trouble
Radio personality Stephen A. Smith joined Sean to have another round of their always entertaining back and forth. “Every time I say something you don’t like you’re always giving me a hard time,” laughed Sean with regard to Stephen, “but now I’m going to turn the tables- the President continues to blame President Bush even though he’s had two years on the job now.” “I’ve got bad news for you Sean,” argued Stephen A.,” I agree with you there’s no denying that he’s blamed Bush far too many times, he’s the man who said he could fix the problems so fix the damn problems.” For more on Stephen A. Smith, visit

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