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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Castle Campaign Stoops To A New Low
A livid Sean Hannity took the airwaves, seething over a vicious op-ed piece Mike Castle’s campaign circulated to the press excoriating Christine O’Donnell. Ron Williams, the author of the piece, writes, “Some 30,500 Republicans have embarrassed the dickens out of the state of Delaware by voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning the general election, is a verifiable liar and cheater with no known means of employment other than her campaign money and has nothing to claim as a campaign platform other than whatever the tea party stands for” {Article}. “Obviously this writer is ignorant,” Sean said angrily. “But I could care less about a writer, or an author or a blog – that doesn’t bother me. But it’s Castle’s campaign that took this article and sent it out to everybody on their email list. I can’t even read this it’s beyond insulting.”

Sincere Or Insincere?
Dick Morris called into the second hour of the program from his vacation in Italy to comment on Tuesday’s elections and O’Donnell’s victory. “It seems,” said Morris, “that all the candidates are saying the same stuff: they want lower taxes, economic recovery and so on. But the real issue is not whether you’re left or right, but are you sincere or insincere?” Morris explained that he felt a conservative Republican, like Christine O’Donnell, has a distinct advantage over a moderate because everybody believes they’re sincere. “Take for example Sharron Angle. There are some eccentric things she believes in and maybe she goes too far on certain issues, but fundamentally when it comes down to it, people are going to trust her to hold down spending and taxes and they don’t trust Harry Reid and they don’t trust a moderate Republican. So I think Christine O’Donnell has a big advantage,” Morris concluded.

Life is 'Hell' for Michelle Obama?
U.S. first lady Michelle Obama reportedly finds life as the first lady as barely sufferable the U.K. Daily Mail is reporting. "Don't ask! It's hell. I can't stand it!" Michelle Obama is said to have told French first lady Carla Bruni during a private conversation at the White House during an official visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy last March. The White House has come out and denied that Mrs. Obama ever made the comments. "The first lady never said that," Obama's press secretary, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, said. It has been rumored Michelle Obama has been trying to rehab her somewhat tarnished image – this story certainly won’t help matters. Click here to read the U.K. Daily Mail article.

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Dick Morris (born November 28, 1948) is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster , political campaign consultant , and general political consultant . Morris became an adviser to the Bill Clinton administration after Clinton was elected president in 1992. Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that merged traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the 1994 midterm elections by convincing the President to adopt Republican policies. [1] The president consulted Morris in secret beginning in 1994. [2] Clinton's communications director George Stephanopoulos has said that "Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president". [2] Morris... More >