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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Obama’s Budget Monstrosity
Sean, who had an opportunity to watch Obama’s press conference on his proposed federal budget, was so disgusted he didn’t even know where to begin. “This press conference clearly demonstrates why Obama is not up to the job of being the President of the United States,” Sean said baffled. Obama’s proposed budget came in at $3.73 trillion, which constitutes 25.3% of GDP. That is the highest since World War II. “His press conference was filled with so much misinformation, false statements, untrue characterizations – it was frankly a breathtaking thing to behold. When it comes to using the office of the presidency to tell half-truths and to obfuscate, to advance falsehoods and false narratives – I gotta be honest, he’s in a league of his own,” said Sean. If you want to get your arms around how large The Anointed One’s budget is, take a look at an article from the With $3.73 trillion, you could stack bills as high as 2.4 million Washington Monuments. You could give each American $12,000. The budget could buy media empires the size of FaceBook 74 times and Twitter 373 times. Based on AAA’s daily fuel gauge report, $3.73 trillion could buy 1.19 trillion gallons of gas. That would fill nearly 10 billion Priuses!

Muslim Brotherhood Plans Political Party
Just as Sean predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood announced today that it will form a political party once democracy is established in Egypt. Although the brotherhood promised not to field a candidate for president, Sean wasn’t so sure. “There won’t be a Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, unless of course the Egyptian people want it. Then of course it will happen. I thought none of this was going to happen? I guess the mainstream, Obama-mania media is wrong once again?” said Sean. So what exactly does that mean for America, Israel and the world? “All you have to do is look at the hate-filled words of the leader of that group, Mohammed Badi. This is a man who fully supports both Sharia law and Jihad, and he's called for the destruction of Israel and Zionism worldwide,” said Sean. Watch Sean’s interview with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty who had strong words for President Obama about his handling of the crisis in E gypt { VIDEO}.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO:David Horowitz And Suhail Kahn Debate
The email inbox was flooded with requests from fans who wanted to hear the debate between David Horowitz and Suhail Kahn. We heard you loud and clear. Newsletter subscribers can listen to the interview, in its entirety and commercial free by clicking right here.

Aguilera, Palin, Hannity Controversy A Fake
Last week, US Weekly reported that Sarah Palin had called in to Sean‘s radio show following Christina Aguilera‘s National Anthem Super Bowl flub and called the singer an “airhead.” What US weekly hadn’t bothered to check was whether the story was even real. It wasn’t. Our crew at has the complete recap of the controversy that wasn’t - click here.

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David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer and policy advocate. Horowitz was a member of the New Left in the late 1960s before moving to the right in the 1970s. He is a founder and the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, edits the conservative tabloid FrontPage Magazine, and writes for Christopher Ruddy's conservative website NewsMax. Horowitz founded the right-leaning activist group Students for Academic Freedom.