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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Capuano Urges Protesters To “Get Bloody”
US Representative Michael Capuano, who decried violent political rhetoric after last month’s shooting of his Democratic colleague, Gabrielle Giffords, used some extremely belligerent language of his own at a union rally in Boston. "Every once in a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” Capuano told union workers who were protesting Wisconsin Governor Walker at a rally outside the State House. What happened to the civil political discourse that Obama preached just a few weeks ago? “So we’ve moved on now from basic incivility to actually using violent rhetoric," said Sean. And this isn’t the first time Capuano's big mouth got him in trouble. On his way out of a meeting with staffers at Somerville Journal in Massachusetts Capuano said, “Politicians, I think are too bland today. I don’t know what they believe in …. Nothing wrong with throwing a coffee cup at s omeone if you’re doing it for human rights.” Where is Mr. Civility himself? The big standard-bearer, the Lecturer-In-Chief, the 'Anointed One' – doesn’t he have anything to say about all of this? “The president is about as mute on this as he is about Libya,” Sean said dryly. “Once again Obama is AWOL. Liberals view this civility thing not as a public good in its own right but as a club or a stick. They basically use this as a political tactic to beat up on conservatives and shut them up.” For more on Capuano’s comments please click here.

The Tea Party Goes To Washington
Newly elected Senator Rand Paul joined Sean to discuss his new book, “The Tea Party Goes To Washington.” In the book Paul explains why his party has to stand by its limited government rhetoric and why the federal government must be stuffed back into its constitutional box. Given the problems our nation faces, these are not mere suggestions, but moral imperatives. Rand Paul and those who voted for him want to stop borrowing, end the bailouts, and entitlements and the spending. “Now is the time to get America back on track-- this is the moment of the new revolution that will take us back to our grass roots, to the country of our founding fathers,” Paul explained. For more on this great new book, be sure to click here.

Walker: “Democracy Requires That You Participate”
Sean welcomed the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, to the program to discuss on going turmoil in Madison. Recently Walker’s security detail began taking "every measure necessary" to ensure his safety, as protests over the governor's budget bill spread and some of the rhetoric began overheating. Fourteen Democratic lawmakers fled to neighboring Illinois to deprive the Wisconsin Senate of a quorum to debate the legislation. The governor explained to Sean that he wants these state senators to return to Madison so that they can continue to have a civil debate. “All I want them to do is the job they were elected to do. They don’t have to vote for it, they don’t have to agree with it, but democracy requires that you participate. And they have to be in the arena. And the arena is right here at the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin.” To listen Sean’s entire radio interview with Scott Walker, please click here.

Show Guests

Rand Paul

Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (born January 7, 1963) is an American ophthalmologist and politician who describes himself as a "constitutional conservative". He is the third child of Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Paul is the chairman and founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United. In August 2009, Paul officially announced his candidacy for the United States Senate seat held by retiring Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky. Paul, a lifelong Republican, won the party's primary election on May 18, 2010. He then defeated Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway in the general election on November 2, 2010.