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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Taxing Your Clicks?
Waste, fraud and abuse are alive and well in New York - emanating primarily from the Obama stimulus heist. NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to lay off nearly 4,700 teachers as part of a bleak new budget, despite receiving over thirty-one million stimulus dollars. In fact, according to the Daily Caller {Article}, the Big Apple is using recovery act money to urge its citizens to drink less soda and eat less salt and is also using stimulus funds to survey New Yorkers on the possibility of a soda tax. “Well they tax everything else, I’m surprised they’re not taxing the air we breathe,” Sean said sarcastically. “You know they’re dying to tax the internet. Once they get their grubby little hands on that there will be no end to how much politicians will charge you for your clicks. And those clicks will add up fast. Is this really what government has come to? Telling us where and how much salt we can use at restaurants? Just what we need. That’s government the way we really want it isn’t it?” Sean said dryly.

Wisconsin Dems AWOL
Wisconsin state troopers were dispatched to the doorsteps of some of the AWOL Democratic senators in hopes of finding at least one who would come back to allow a vote on a measure to curb the power of public-employee unions. The stepped-up tactic was ordered by the Republican head of the Senate and came amid reports that at least a few of the missing senators were returning home each night before rejoining their colleagues in Illinois. Sean spoke with Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch about the issue in the show’s final hour. “At some point we need to get the work of people done. Our state assembly is prepared to vote on this bill today. We would like our state senators to come back and follow suit because their constituents need to be represented,” Kleefisch told Sean. “Governor Walker has warned, he has said over and over and again, that if this does not pass and Friday is drop dead date for us, because we have $165 million that we need to refinance on Friday. If this does not happen, we will be seeing massive lay-offs in the state of Wisconsin.”

11 Outrageous Taxes
Speaking of ridiculous taxes, the good folks at published eleven of the most outrageous taxes in the country. If you needed any more proof that our state, local and federal budget spending is out of control, here it is. In an effort to get out from under record deficits and support their spending habits, politicians from Seattle to New York and everywhere in between have cooked up some outrageous taxes. Some of these taxes are already on the books, some are just up for debate, but all show you just how far politicians will go to put a little more of your money in their pockets. Take a look at the report here.

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