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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Bernanke Warns Rising Oil Prices A Threat To U.S.
In a semiannual report to Congress, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told politicians that commodity-price inflation, and oil prices more specifically, could pose a threat to economic growth and price stability if sustained at high levels. Yet, at the same time, the fed chief reassured politicians that inflation remained low and expectations stable. Bernanke actually pointed out that “sustained rises in the prices of oil or other commodities would represent a threat both to economic growth and to overall price stability, particularly if they were to cause inflation expectations to become less well anchored.” “Here’s the problem,” Sean said responding to Bernanke’s statement. “America has all this oil sitting out there in the wilderness and we won’t touch it. But yet we import all this oil from all over the world. They have to drill for that oil in other parts of the world! It’s the same earth that we share with the people we import the oil from. It’s the same oil drilling process we’d use in our own country if we were allowed. If we could drill our own oil, all this instability in the Middle East wouldn’t matter as much. It would still matter; it just wouldn’t matter as much. We should look for other technologies so that we can be oil independent. But in the interim, let’s drill!” Sean said adamantly.

Elisha’s 25th Birthday Celebration!
Hannity Senior Producer Elisha Krauss turned 25 February 23rd, but her birthday celebration took up almost her entire week! First, she and Romeo (her husband) headed to Broadway to see “Million Dollar Quartet” - the on stage adaptation of the night Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins were all in the Sun Records recording studio in 1956. Then, on Elisha’s actual birthday Romeo and friends went to Keste - a Hannity staff favorite for the best New York City pizza on earth! The girls gathered with some of Elisha’s closest friends for all girls’ karaoke. Elisha and Romeo topped the night off by attending the 2 Friends tour with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. was there to capture it all and took some photos of the festivities. Take a look for yourself right here!

Wisconsin: School Children Versus The Unions
Last night on “Hannity” Sean spoke with Dick Morris about the ongoing turmoil in Wisconsin. Morris told Sean that he supports Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s attempts to restrict collective bargaining to wages and benefits. “When Walker speaks about restricting collective bargaining to wages and benefits, what he's really saying is, let's not have it include teacher tenure and merit pay and school choice. Let's permit us to do that stuff, even within the context of the collective bargaining agreements. And after all, he's already exempted cops and firemen, so, this is basically about collective bargaining with teachers. But what is really at stake,” Morris explained, “Is freeing our schools, so that we can keep good teachers and fire bad ones. Freeing our state governments so we don't have high local taxes. And obliterating the financial power base of the Democratic Party. You can watch Sean’s interview with Dick Morris by clicking here. Make sure to check out Morris’ new book, “Revolt!” right here.