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Friday, March 4th, 2011

The Real Story Behind The Unemployment Rate
On the surface, today’s employment report from the U.S. Department of Labor seemed to indicate the economy has finally begun to recover. The U.S. economy add 192,000 jobs in February, and job growth in December and January was 58,000 jobs stronger than initially estimated, driving the unemployment rate below 9% for the first time in 21 months. Yet these numbers are deceiving Sean explained kicking off Friday’s show. “What they don’t explain is that the economy has to create at least a few hundred thousand jobs just to stay even,” said Sean. So what you might ask would account for the decline in the jobless rate? “What they’re not telling you is the size of the labor force. In the last few months the labor force participation rate has gone over the cliff. People have been unemployed too long and the Obama administration doesn’t count those people. The decline is due almost entirely too discouraged workers leaving the workforce and no longer being counted. That has dri ven the participation rate to its lowest level in a quarter century,” Sean added. If the labor force was as large as when George Bush was president the unemployment rate would be 11.5%. Sean mentioned an article from the Wall Street Journal written by Phil Izzo which details the labor force issue in greater detail. Read it here.

Obama’s Energy Dependence
Sean played a clip of a congressional hearing where Dan Burton (R-IN), grills Hilary Clinton on the concept of energy independence, saying we are continuing and increasingly dependent on foreign energy, impeding the United States’ ability to become energy independent. In true Hillary fashion, she doesn’t back down. “There is a lot that can be done right now that will make us energy efficient and I think some of the short term decisions that are being made by the Congress undermine our march for energy independence.” Really Hillary? You’re going to place the blame on Congress? The same Congress that has been in office for barely two full months? Listen to Sean’s take on Hillary’s statement as well as his opinion on how we should become energy independent right here.

Radical Imam Anjem Choudary
Radical British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary announced he’s “postponing” his Washington rally calling for Sharia law in the United States. In a video address on his website, Choudary didn’t provide a new date for his protest, which was scheduled for Thursday. The cleric joined Sean on the NewsMaker Hotline and continued to spew his inflammatory rhetoric. Choudary refused to admit the three thousand people who died on September 11th were innocent and felt their deaths were necessary. Choudary voiced his support for Osama bin Laden and wouldn’t even admit there was a radical faction of Islam. You can listen to the entire interview between Sean and Choudary by clicking here.