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Time To Pick A Fight

Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann returned to the show today to give an update on the meetings she’s had with her Republican colleagues about defunding Obama Care. If weren’t able to tune in yesterday, Congresswoman Bachmann stopped by the show yeserday to explain how Democrats in Congress inserted $105 Billion in last-minute appropriations to President Obama’s Health Care Reform Act. “Within the next week and a half we could get funding back from Obama Care and effectively repeal it if we get this money back,” explained Bachmann, “We can do this but I’m not sensing from Republicans here that we’re willing to do this.” Hannity jumped on this saying, “I want to be fair but this is not a time for half measures.” Hannity continued his rant saying, “This country has been on the verge of bankruptcy and the people voted for a bold energized debate over this.” Congresswoman Bachmann’s plan to return $105 billion in funds earmarked for Obama Care would be the final straw that stopped the increasingly unpopular plan from every taking place. Hopefully her colleagues will show enough conviction to keep to the promises they made last fall.

Congressman Mike Pence: It’s Time To Pick A Fight
“The American people are ready for House Republicans to dig in and fight for the budget cuts and the policy reforms we passed in the continuing resolution we passed a few weeks ago,” Congressman Pence hit the ground running with those opening remarks. “Let’s start talking about trillions and not a few billion,” pressed Hannity. “We’re going to start talking about trillions,” said Pence, “If conservatives want to win in this battle, we’re going to have to pick a fight.” Hannity pressed again questioning, “Is the leadership with you on this?” Pence responded saying, “We’re talking about real money and this is a real opportunity but things don’t change in Washington D.C. unless they have to.” We hear talk of cutting spending in Washington D.C. and it’s pretty clear there’s at least $105 billion that could be cut very soon.

NPR On The Ropes?
Sean was joined by Fox News analyst Andrea Tantaros and Chief Education Officer of Movement Vision Lab Sally Kohn to discuss the public financing of NPR. “NPR subscribes to a very liberal ideology and runs on taxpayer money,” suggested Tantaros, “What I’ve said has now been confirmed on video.” Tantaros was referring to NPR’s executive Ronald Schiller’s controversial video where he referred to Tea Party supporters as racists.” “When NPR fired Juan Williams, we pointed out the double standard,” offered Hannity. Sally Kohn offered a different approach arguing, “What you’re saying is that funding for an entire institution should be cut because of what one employee said and that’s censorship.” In this time of fiscal responsibility, it does beg the question, where should taxpayer money best be used. It’s arguably not with an organization which offers its own form of censorship by firing conservative thinkers and applauding liberal activists.

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Mike Pence

Michael Richard "Mike" Pence (born June 7, 1959) is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives for Indiana's 6th congressional district. He currently serves as Chairman of the House Republican Conference (caucus) for the 111th United States Congress. Pence's district covers much of Eastern Indiana.