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Obama's Hamlet Complex

How Long Is It Going to Take in Libya?
“The Anointed One” has made much of the fact that this war is a multi-national effort. But not all countries are onboard. China has voiced its disapproval of the attacks and Russia's Vladimir Putin has quickly distinguished himself as the most outspoken critic of the new war. Putin condemned the U.N. resolution that authorized the use of force, quote, "The resolution is defective, it’s flawed, it allows everything, it resembles medieval calls for crusades." Sean invited Col. Oliver North to ‘Hannity’ to discuss the ongoing turmoil in Libya. North expressed grave concern that Obama does not possess the ability to lead as commander-in-chief. “Obama is a man who tries to please everyone. He's got various factions in his own party; he's got various factions around the world. He's got nothing but apologies for America, literally since he's been in office. And now, he's in a position where he has to be the commander in chief and it is just beyond him,” said North. “If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. Obama’s crisis of leadership is now affecting the future of this nation and national security of this country and putting young Americans in harm's way without anybody authorizing, except the United Nations. That's a frightening outcome for the United States.” You can watch Sean’s entire interview with Col. Oliver North by clicking here. Listen to Sean’s radio interview with Oliver North here.

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Obama’s Hamlet Complex
If Sean is right that the turmoil in Libya is evidence that world leadership has begun to shift towards Europe, specifically France and Great Britain, then we have a problem. If Lindsay Graham is right that Obama views the world as an inconvenience to his brackets, trips to Rio, playing golf and his fund raising, then we’re in trouble. “Obama is a weak president. He doesn’t have leadership skills and this is just the latest, greatest example. What we’re seeing and what we’re hearing from this president has to be an intentional decline in the U.S. influence in the world,” said Sean. Obama wants us to be a nation amongst nations – not a leader of other nations. Sean erupted over Obama’s disbelief in American exceptional-ism and unwillingness to lead. Listen here to Sean’s monologue in which he excoriates “The Anointed One.”

Judge Will Use Islamic Law To Decide Case
Sean mentioned a story that appeared in today’s St. Petersburg Times which detailed a Hillsborough circuit court judge who says he will use Islamic law to decide a case before him. "The court has concluded that as to the question of enforceability of the arbitrator's award the case should proceed under ecclesiastical Islamic law," the judge’s decision read. The judge noted in his opinion that he must hear further testimony to determine whether "Islamic dispute resolution procedures have been followed in this matter." For more on this story please click here.

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