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Drill Baby Drill!

Drill Baby Drill
President Obama made headlines today with his obvious digs at former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The President’s remarks in New York City targeted Palin and other Republicans saying, “Last November, you had all kinds of slogans and outraged politicians who had their plans for $2.00 a gallon gas – you remember drill, baby drill and none of that is going to solve the problem.” “Building new refineries isn’t going to do it,” an angrily sarcastic Hannity mocked, “In July of 2008, the pump price averaged $4.12 a gallon and that’s when President Bush put “Drill, Baby Drill” into effect and gas prices began to fall immediately.” Hannity continued ranting, “Three weeks after President Genius took over and began implementing his green energy policies, prices began to go up and have been going up ever since.” For the latest gas prices in your area, visit

Stuart Varney and Juan Williams : The Budget Battle
“Here we are with a real problem,” Hannity mentioned to set the debate, “We have families sacrificing and yet Democrats are accusing Republicans of being extremists and beholden to the tea party, are they serious?” Williams countered, “Republicans aren’t open to the idea of cutting big ticket items like defense spending.” Varney, in his typically calm way added his thoughts saying, “We’re on the brink of a crisis and Democrats are playing political bickering which ignores the reality of the crisis we are in.” Americans voted for fiscal responsibility this past November and so far, they’re not seeing that. It remains to be seen if Washington can put party aside and do what’s right for the country. Don’t forget to watch Hannity tonight on Fox where Sean will continue the debate with Juan Williams!

Ambassador John Bolton
Sean was joined by former UN Ambassador John Bolton to discuss the issue in Libya. “The President says that Qaddafi has to go but he won’t use military force,” a confused Bolton shared on Wednesday, “If the results is Qaddafi stays, he’ll inevitably go back to international terrorism and resume his nuclear weapons program too.” “It seems that many of the rebels have links to Al-Qaeda,” questioned Hannity, “Couldn’t we be far worse off in the end?” “Each country’s narrative is different,” explained Bolton, “Democracy is a culture, a way of life, and it doesn’t happen overnight.” It’s very difficult to understand where we’re going in Libya or why we’re even involved and, as Sean mentioned, we might be going from one bad situation to a worse one. If you have n’t seen Sean’s segment, “The Professor’s War”, check out this video here.

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John Bolton

John Robert Bolton (born November 20, 1948), is an American conservative and nationalist political figure who has served in several Republican presidential administrations. He worked as the interim Permanent US Representative to the UN from August 2005 until December 2006 on a recess appointment. He resigned in December 2006 when his recess appointment would have ended because he was unable to gain confirmation from the Senate. Bolton is currently a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Fox News commentator, and of counsel to the law firm Kirkland & Ellis, in their Washington D.C. office. He is also involved with a broad assortment of other conservative think tanks and policy institutes, including the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), Project for the New American Century (PNAC), Institute of East-West Dynamics, National Rifle Association, US Commission on International Religious Freedom, and the Council for National Policy (CNP).... More >

Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney is a conservative British-American economic journalist, currently working for the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network in the United States. Varney joined Fox News in January 2004 as a business contributor on many shows, such as Your World with Neil Cavuto. Varney will also occasionally serve as guest host for Your World and the shows on the Cost of Freedom business block.