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Republicans Wavering?

Republicans Wavering?
Sean kicked off Thursday’s show warning of his concerns about the upcoming budget in Washington. “We have two issues related to budgetary matters,” reminded Hannity, “I told all of the candidates last November that if they’re not going to accomplish what they promised us, we’ll need to hold them accountable.” Now, we’re hearing some scary things coming out of the Republicans in Washington. “When Speaker Boehner said ‘we control ½ of 1/3 of the government and we’re going to fight for the largest spending cuts that we can get to keep the government funded through the balance of this fiscal year’.” Recounted Hannity, “That’s NOT what they promised us.” As Sean has argued many times on his program, the historic election results of last November came because Americans were looking for leaders to make tough difficult decisions this year. It will be truly sad if thos e decisions are put off to achieve political expediency. NewsMax has a great article on the budget negotiations here.

Rep. Paul Ryan
Congressman Paul Ryan stopped by the show to discuss his view of what’s going on in Washington. “Congressman Boehner said last night that there’s a deal for $33 billion in cuts on the table,” questioned Hannity, “It has a lot of people nervous that Republicans are beginning to cave.” “I was told ten minutes ago that there was no agreement on numbers,” quickly replied Ryan, “The $100 billion was off Obama’s budget recommendations but the actual cost savings was $61 billion from H.R. 1 but the reality is we don’t want to negotiate among ourselves and the Senate hasn’t passed a single bill.” It seems that the Democrats are trying to corner the Republicans into a government shutdown, which, in their minds, would put political pressure on them in 2012. The reality, however, is that Americans can see through these tactics and would rather see a government shutdown than yet another bad budget. Don&rsquo ;t believe that? Check out the Rasmussen Poll that proves it!

The New is Coming!
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Governor Tim Pawlenty 2012
Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty joined the show to discuss his upcoming campaign for President. In the process of vetting the Governor, Sean brought up Governor Pawlenty’s support for Cap and Trade. “You did something most politicians won’t do - apologize,” pushed Hannity, “You supported cap and trade, can you explain yourself?” Palwenty apologetically said, “I flirted with it a few years ago and supported it but it turns out I was wrong and it was stupid.” Hannity offered his analysis, “Let’s be honest, I think the tea party movement is going to pick this candidate in 2012 and one of the things that Americans are going to look for is a candidate who’s genuine and sincere.” Pawlenty cleverly replied, “Anyone who’s perfect should raise their hand and come up to the microphone and I’ll support that candidate but he or she doesn’t exist so we need to find the candidate who&rs quo;ll do the best.” For more information on Governor Pawlenty, check out his website.

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Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty (born November 27, 1960) is an American politician. He is the 39th governor of Minnesota starting his term on January 6, 2003. Tim Pawlenty had served as the majority leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives prior to being elected governor, beginning his term in the House in 1992. He earned his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Minnesota. His wife, Mary Pawlenty, is a district judge in Dakota County. He is a Republican. Tim Pawlenty had originally planned to seek the US Senate seat in 2002. Several national Republican leaders including Vice President Dick Cheney, asked him to step aside to allow Norm Coleman to challenge Paul Wellstone. Pawlenty then decided to run for governor. The race saw four major-party candidates (the Republican, Democratic, Independence, and Green parties were all considered to be "major" by the state at the time). Pawlenty ran against Roger Moe (Democratic), Tim Penny (Independence), and Ken... More >