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The sellout of the GOP?

President Trump
Sean was joined by dynamic billionaire Donald Trump to discuss his plans for 2012. “You said that if you felt you had a chance to win this race you’d get in,” Sean quickly began without beating around the bush, “You’re tied for second with Mike Huckabee at 17% of likely voters in the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll.” Trump offered, “I’ve always heard that if you’re really successful, not Romney who made a relatively small amount of money, but really successful, you can’t run for office because of all the deals that you've done but I’m an honest person and an open book and what this country needs is someone who can really do things properly.” There are fewer candidates who’d bring more flare to the 2012 campaigns and though the job of President is often looked on as too high pressure for not enough pay, Donald Trump is one billionaire with the propensity to shock the world. It’ll be interesting to see what he decides to do.

Dick Morris: The Sellout of the GOP?
Getting right to the point, Sean was joined by Dick Morris to discuss the current political scene. “I want to talk about John Boehner selling out the Republican Party,” began Morris, “He’s trying to get Republicans to accept less in cuts.” Hannity offered his thoughts, “There’s a genuine fear among leadership that this is going to backfire.” Morris shrugged that off saying, “It won’t. In the real country the fight will be about whether we should be cutting less spending or more spending and it’ll obviously be more spending.” Morris’ article today, “Don’t Let Boehner Betray Us” is very harsh on Speaker Boehner in large part because there are signs that the House is really beginning to cave. “Speaker Boehner said there would be no government shutdown,” explained Morris, “That’s like robbing a store with a gun but announcing th at you aren’t planning on shooting anyone.” While the analogy is a sarcastic one, there’s truth in it. The House Republicans are giving away their bargaining trips because they fear backlash but the real fear should be if they don’t cut spending like they promised they would.

Karl Rove: What is Obama Trying To Do?
Former White House Chief-of-Staff Karl Rove joined Sean to discuss his thoughts on what the Democrats are trying to do in this year’s budget negotiations. “We are six months into the fiscal year and we don’t have a budget,” began Rove, “This is the one of the fundamental responsibilities of the President and this Congress.” Hannity added, “We’re dealing with last year’s budget and there’s a dereliction of duty on the part of the Democrats who had both the Senate and the House last year.” As Rove wrote in his Wall Street Journal article, “We’re looking at the difference between spending cuts that involve termination or rescission, the former is permanent and the Republicans want more cuts to be done by termination.” The budget negotiations seem to be coming down to the wire and Mr. Rove highlighted pretty well the political battles being fought behind the scenes. You sho uld check it out here.

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Dick Morris

Dick Morris (born November 28, 1948) is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster , political campaign consultant , and general political consultant . Morris became an adviser to the Bill Clinton administration after Clinton was elected president in 1992. Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that merged traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the 1994 midterm elections by convincing the President to adopt Republican policies. [1] The president consulted Morris in secret beginning in 1994. [2] Clinton's communications director George Stephanopoulos has said that "Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president". [2] Morris... More >

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate , socialite, author and television personality . He is the Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization , a US-based real-estate developer . Trump is also the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts , which operates numerous casinos and hotels across the world. Trump's extravagant lifestyle and outspoken manner have made him a celebrity for years, a status amplified by the success of his NBC reality show , The Apprentice (where he serves as host and executive producer ). Donald was the fourth of five children of Fred Trump , a wealthy real estate developer based in New York City. Donald was strongly influenced by his father in his eventual goals to make a career in real estate development, [3] and upon his graduation from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, Donald Trump joined his father's company, The Trump Organization .

Karl Rove

Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to former President George W. Bush until his resignation on August 31, 2007. He has headed the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Public Liaison , and the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives . Since leaving the White House , Rove has worked as a political analyst and contributor for Fox News , Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal . For most of his career prior to his employment at the White House, Rove was a political consultant almost exclusively for Republican candidates. Rove's campaign clients have included Bush (2000 and 2004 presidential elections, 1994 and 1998 Texas gubernatorial elections), Senator John Ashcroft (1994 U.S. Senate election), Bill Clements (1986 Texas gubernatorial election), Senator John Cornyn (2002 U.S. Senate election), Governor Rick Perry (1990 Texas Agriculture Commission election), and Phil Gramm (1982... More >