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Obama's Monday Morning Quarterbacking

President Obama’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking
Sean spent Wednesday criticizing President Obama’s budget marks he made last night. “This is a totally reactionary speech,” began Sean, “The President submitted his budget back in February and it was meaningless in every single way.” Hannity continued, “This was his first major campaign speech of 2012.” Vice President Joe Biden didn’t seem too impressed with President Obama’s remarks. You can see here on some condemning videos where it appears the Vice President is nodding off to sleep just as President Obama talks about how Republicans want to kick Grandma out on the streets. President Obama is now waging his battle against the Republican’s budget when he probably should’ve been fighting back in January and February when his initial budget proposal was produced. It seems like the President is playing a bit of Monday morning quarterback, a role he knows well from his countless “present” votes he cast as a Senator.

Congressman John Boehner: The Best Deal We Could Get
Speaker John Boehner stopped by the show to explain his thoughts on the past deal with Washington. “As I look at these numbers,” began Sean, “My concern is that discretionary spending totals will only be reduced by $14.7 billion.” Speaker Boehner countered, “The cuts we made were real cuts in spending but over the next ten years the Congressional Budget Office says these cuts will save $315 Billion, that’s real money.” Sean continued to press Speaker Boehner on the strategy of the GOP by asking, “We’ve reached a crisis point now, what do you make of the concerns that conservatives have about the budget deal, especially since the spending cuts were not as great as what you were fighting for?” Speaker Boehner quickly defended his conference by arguing, “I’m not jumping up and down but this was the best we could do considering the democrats control the Senate and the White House and they d on’t want to cut anything.” It's true some cuts are better than no cuts but we sent our leaders to Washington for bigger cuts than this.

How Is Congress Doing?
Sean spent some time today and on his Fox News TV program last night checking up on the class of congressmen who were elected this past November. “Conservatives in this country have changed the debate,” Sean mentioned on his radio program today, “it’s up to the people in Washington now to go out and represent the people who put them in power.” Last night Sean was joined by Pollster Frank Luntz who pressed congressmen from all over the country on how they thought they’ve changed Washington. “I believe they’ve changed the debate,” conceded Hannity, “But I know I speak for a lot of people in saying we are disappointed [with this latest budget].” To see the entire interview along with reactions click here or visit

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John Boehner

John Andrew Boehner (born November 17, 1949) is a conservative Republican American politician who is currently serving as the House Minority Leader in the 111th Congress. He serves as a U.S. Representative from Ohio's 8th congressional district, which includes several rural and suburban areas near Cincinnati and Dayton and a small portion of Dayton itself.