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Larry Elder mixes it up with Bill Ayers

Freeze Tag, Dodge ball Considered Unsafe By Bureaucrats
Dodge ball and Freeze tag are among the traditional camp games that have been deemed dangerous by New York State as part of an effort to tighten regulations for summer camps. The rules aim to curtail a loophole in previously passed regulations by the state Health Department that count activities like horseback riding and archery among the “risky list,” but do not include many activities like Freeze Tag and kick ball featured in indoor programs. “What does the government want in exchange for them to allow camps to these kids to play these games? Money!” an angry Sean said. “Regulations are literally going to cripple recreational programs because now they have to pay a $200 fee to register as a summer camp and provide a medical staff.” For more on this story please click here.

Bush Tax Cuts Save Obamas $
The “Anointed One” reaped over $100,000 in tax savings due to the Bush tax cuts he agreed to extend last year Sean pointed out. According to a tax calculator provided by the Tax Foundation, the Obama family saved about $100,000 compared to what they would have paid if the president and Congress had let the Bush tax cuts expire. The Obamas paid $435,770 in taxes to the U.S. Treasury. Late last year, Obama agreed to extend reduced income-tax rates for two additional years, along with a temporary payroll-tax cut, though he says he wants to let the cut expire for wealthier Americans in 2012. Yet, due primarily to multiple tax deductions the Obamas paid only 27% in taxes. And here we thought Obama wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy, not reduce them using tax deductions.

Larry Elder’s Explosive Interview With Bill Ayers
Sean spoke with syndicated radio host Larry Elder on the NewsMaker Hotline about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers. Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group, that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s. Elder had the rare opportunity to interview Ayers on his radio show this past weekend. Elder held Ayers’ feet to the fire and was relentless in his questioning. Ayers was as unapologetic as ever for his past devious actions and even referred to John McCain as a war criminal because of his part in Vietnam. Elder told Sean he believes Ayers’ involvement with the ‘Anointed One’ was more than just “someone who lived in the neighborhood” as Obama has previously described their relationship. “There is growing and persuasive evidence that Bill Ayers may have even written Obama’s first book or at least played a very large role in having written that book. If this is the case, not only has Obama perpetuated a fraud on the American people that he didn’t write the book, but it also shows the close relationship Ayers had with Obama, which Obama himself denies,” Elder said. You can watch Elder’s appearance on ‘Hannity’ and his explosive interview with Ayers by clicking here.