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Born in the USA

Mystery Solved
President Obama finally did it! The White House officially released President Obama’s official birth certificate. “Why did the White House wait so long to release this,” laughed Hannity, “There’s nothing that could conceivably hurt Obama so why didn’t they release this years ago?” The largely innocuous document clearly shows the President was born in Honolulu Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. “The key moment came on the Drudge Report where nearly 38% of Americans thought President Obama wasn’t a citizen.” “This was a simple question that could’ve been resolved in seconds,” noted Hannity, “Ultimately they could’ve brought this controversy to an end a lot sooner.” To see more about the birther controversy, check out You can see the document for yourself on Fox

Senator Jim DeMint
South Carolina’s Senator Jim DeMint stopped by the show to give his thoughts on ways to stop raising the debt ceiling unless there’s a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. “I believe we’ll never deal with this spending issue,” offered DeMint, “So I’m going to insist we pass a balanced budget amendment.” Hannity offered his praise saying, “I’m glad to hear that, I’m glad to hear you are standing strong on this.” It’s true that this year’s budget battle came with only the modest of cuts in spending and it’s easy to argue that the debt ceiling battle is the last real battle that could be won this year. Hopefully leaders like Senator DeMint and others can keep sending the message to those in Washington that Americans are serious about less spending and more responsible government. With America in their corner, it should help this battle a bit.

Angela McGlowan and Rev. Conrad Tillard
Angela McGlowan and Rev. Tillard joined Sean to address the question of whether President Obama should’ve attended the Shiloh Baptist Church, the home church of the controversial Reverend Wallace Smith. “Reverend Smith basically was saying that Klansmen are on talk radio and I want to know if you think this was the appropriate church for Barack Obama to attend on Easter Sunday,” questioned Sean. “We have freedom of Religion in America,” argued Rev. Tillard, “Shiloh Baptist Church is certainly a church we’d expect the President to worship at.” Angela McGlowan responded, “I don’t want to listen to a hate monger and I don’t want my President attending a church that compares Fox News to the KKK.” If the President is hanging out with radicals like the Reverend Wallace Smith, it speaks wonders for where he sits politically. For more on this story, check out the story on H

Show Guests

Jim DeMint

James Warren "Jim" DeMint (born September 2, 1951) has been a U.S. Senator from South Carolina since 2005. He had previously represented South Carolina's 4th congressional district from 1999 to 2005. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Angela McGlowan

Angela McGlowan is a conservative political commentator and CEO of Political Strategies & Insights (PSI), a government affairs, political strategy, public relations, and advocacy consulting firm based in Oxford, Mississippi, with an office in Washington, D.C. McGlowan announced her candidacy for Congress in Mississippi's 1st congressional district to challenge incumbent Democrat Travis Childers. She will face Mississippi State Senator Alan Nunnelee and Judge Henry Ross in the Republican primary.