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Presidential Week Begins!

Presidential Week
Sean announced his big plans to dedicate this week’s shows to covering the list of presidential candidates in the upcoming 2012 races. “One of the things I’m getting really frustrated with is the Obama media ratcheting up their big lie that voters can’t stand the perspective field of GOP Presidential candidates,” began Hannity, “It’s so frustrating to me on so many levels and the strategy here is obvious and pathetic.” Sean continued, “A lot of people have emailed me and said why I should support this candidate or that candidate but I’m very comfortable watching this process unfold.” Today two potential candidates, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump, both announced they won’t be running but Sean will be spending the rest of the week covering those who have thrown their hat in the ring. For more on today’s news on Trump and Huckabee, visit

2012 Candidates Down by 2
Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros and Pollster Doug Schoen stopped by to discuss their thoughts on Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump’s decision to drop out of the 2012 discussion.“This is wide open and will be a very exciting next year and a half,” began Tantaros, “Front runners often implode early and there are a lot of Republicans out there are strong.” Schoen added his thoughts saying, “This is the best news that President Obama has had because it’s apparent that your party has more problems than my party.” Sean’s advice, while disagreeing with Schoen, is that the field will play itself out and now’s the time to fully vet all of the candidates before making your decision on who to vote for in November. Do you think losing Donald Trump was a bad thing? Voice your opinion on

Newt Gingrich on the Defense
Last week Newt Gingrich announced that he plans on running for President in 2012 but this week he’s already found himself in trouble for comments he made during an interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press. “In speaking about Paul Ryan’s Medicaid reform program you referred to right-winged social engineering,” a somewhat frustrated Hannity pressed the former Speaker, “it did seem to rub some people the wrong way.” Gingrich found himself on the defense saying, “If you don’t like radical then how about fundamental and what worries me in both parties is when people in Washington want to impose their will on Americans without their understanding.” This interesting back and forth highlights many of the challenges that will be faced by every candidate in the coming months and reminds Sean’s audience that he’s not afraid to ask the tough questions when they need to be asked. To see the Newt Gin grich interview click here.

Show Guests

Doug Schoen

Doug Schoen was named Pollster of the Year in 1996 by the American Association of Political Consultants Dr. Schoen was President William Jefferson Clinton's research and strategic consultant during the 1996 reelection, and has been widely credited with creating and effectively communicating the message that turned around the President's political fortunes between 1994 and 1996. For more than twenty years Dr. Schoen has created winning messages and provided strategic advice to numerous political clients in the United States and to heads of state in countries around the world, including Greece, Turkey, Israel, the Philippines, Korea, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda and Yugoslavia.