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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Mitt Romney's Plan to Get Economy Back on Track
The GOP field just got a bit bigger as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney officially threw his hat into the ring and declared that he has set to challenge "The Anointed One" in 2012. Sean sat down with an exclusive one on one interview with Romney on ‘Hannity.’ Romney stressed to Sean that Obama has failed the American people. “He was elected for one reason, to keep the economy from going off a cliff. To make sure that Americans got back to work, that home values came back. And look, we are into his third year of his presidency. And we're in the third year we are seeing continuing high levels of unemployment. We see home values declining, foreclosures remain at record levels. He has not turned the economy around. He has failed in the job he was elected to do. And that's why in my opinion, he's not going to be reelected,” Romney said. To watch Sean’s interview with the former Massachusetts Governor, please click here.

Hypnotic States of Americans
Sean told his listening audience that he’s been reading an interesting book from Roy Masters called “Hypnotic States of Americans: A spiritual survival manual for every American family in a perilous world.” Sean spoke with Masters on the NewsMaker Hotline about his new book available now at Amazon. Masters explained to Sean that the oft-repeated lie about hypnosis is that one cannot be hypnotized to think what is untrue or to act against one’s own free will. That is flatly untrue. The book is a tool, Masters told Sean, that can help the reader become impervious to improper influence and able to influence the world for the better. “Hypnotic States of Americans” is certainly an incredibly interesting read and is on Sean’s recommended reading list for June. For more information please click here.

Jobs Growth Slows In May
In disappointing news for the White House, Wall Street and Main Street, U.S. job gains slowed to a crawl in May and the unemployment rate moved higher, the Labor Department estimated today. Sean was not surprised. “Today’s employment report shows weakness across the board. There’s no other way you can spin this. The private sector only added 80,000 jobs last month!” said Sean. The official unemployment rate increased to 9.1% in May from 9.0% in April. This is the highest unemployment rate since December. Economists were expected a slight drop in the jobless rate to 8.9%. The unemployment report adds to fears that the U.S. economy may have hit more than a soft patch and that a more protracted and dangerous downturn could be in the offing. “All this evidence goes with everything I’ve been trying to point out all this week,” Sean explained. “This has been one of the worst economic weeks in recent history. These numbers sho uld show the world that socialism is a failed economic model. The president has put his foot on the accelerator and keeps going backwards as fast as he possibly can. He has a stubborn streak and a radical extremism in him that is preventing him from seeing what is reality,” said Sean.