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Sean will eat his peas...and his broccoli too!

Sean: “I’ll Eat My Peas!”
Yesterday “The Anointed One” said at a press conference that he appreciated Boehner's efforts to try to reach a large debt deal with him, but that the rest of the GOP must now step up to the plate. "I've been hearing from my Republican friends for some time it is a moral imperative to tackle our debt and deficits in a serious way," Mr. Obama said. "What I've said to them is, let's go." The president said he would not accept a smaller, short-term deal. "We might as well do it now," he said. "Pull off the band aid. Eat our peas." You’ve got to be kidding me. “Conservatives have been saying all along we ought to eat or peas, our broccoli, our brussels sprouts – I’d even eat those crummy leaves in salad people eat which I can’t stand,” an angry Sean said on Tuesday’s show. “I’ll eat my peas! I’ve already been paying fifty-five percent of my income in taxes!” Listen to all of Sean’s rant right here.

Lt. Dan Band
Sean welcomed actor Gary Sinise to the last hour of the show to discuss his new film, “Lt. Dan Band.” The film is an inspiring chronicle of Gary and his fellow musicians as they journey across America and the world. The real point of the film, as it should be, is to shine a much-needed light on our men and women in uniform, whose tremendous sacrifices can never—and must never—be taken for granted. You can watch the movie online for $3.99. When you watch online one out of every four dollars will be donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation which honors our nation's defenders through programs and projects that serve our military, veterans, first responders and their families. Click here to sign up to watch!

Left's Name-Calling Gets Nasty
As conservative syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan points out, the GOP has become a target of some good old fashioned name calling from liberals, all because they are standing their ground on the debt ceiling debate. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen writes, "The Grand Old Party, so named when it really did evoke America, has so narrowed its base that it has become a political cult." The New Republican says, "The GOP's Hezbollah wing is now fully in control." Even The New York Times so-called conservative columnist David Brooks says, "If responsible Republicans don't take control, independence will conclude that Republican fanaticism cause this default. They will conclude that Republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right." Fanatics, a political cult, a terrorist organization? Has the left finally taken its scare tactics one step too far? Sean was joined by former communications director for the Republican National Committee, Doug Heye, and Democratic str ategist Steve Murphy to discuss the topic. You can watch the lively debate completely free by clicking here.

Show Guests

Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney is a conservative British-American economic journalist, currently working for the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network in the United States. Varney joined Fox News in January 2004 as a business contributor on many shows, such as Your World with Neil Cavuto. Varney will also occasionally serve as guest host for Your World and the shows on the Cost of Freedom business block.

Juan Williams

Williams regularly appears on major radio and television programs, notably National Public Radio and the Fox News Channel. He also writes for leading newspapers including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been published in magazines including The Atlantic Monthly and Time.