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Friday, July 15th, 2011

Paralyzed President
Sean was proud to deliver some good news on the debt ceiling debate “I have some great news,” Sean began on Friday, “The President is so locked in to his rigid radical ideology and now the Republicans are moving forward with their own debt reduction plan.” According to Fox News, Republican House members are planning on passing their plan, commonly known as the “Cap, Cut and Balance” plan. This plan would include a debt ceiling increase but would be directly tied to cutting spending and balancing the budget. “I don’t expect the Senate to act on this or the President to sign it into law but I want these guys on record as being serious about getting this country’s fiscal house in order,” offered Hannity, “Instead of stomping out of meetings and whining.” While Sean’s right, it doesn’t appear this plan will ever see the light of day, it’s critically important that some action is taken to show that Congress is trying something to get these critical issues under control.

Michael Barone and Scott Rasmussen
President Obama made some outrageous statements this week saying that 80% of Americans support a balanced approach that includes increasing revenues. Sean was joined by Michael Barone and Pollster Scott Rasmussen to refute that statement. “I’m looking at a Rasmussen Reports, this one right here, that says only 34% of Americans think a tax hike should be included in any kind of legislation to raise the debt ceiling,” laughed Hannity, “Is this your report Scott?” Rasmussen laughingly agreed, “It’s mine. The majority of democrats stay tax hikes should be part of the deal, not eighty percent, but a majority.” Barone added his thoughts saying, “You can get somewhat different responses in polls depending on how you frame the issue but it’s clear that the President doesn’t have a high approval rating and people want something done about the economy and they don’t see him doing it.” President Obama’s polling methodology should be re-evaluated and perhaps Scott Rasmussen should send him a copy of the latest Rasmussen Reports.

Steve Bannon: The Undefeated
Sean was joined by Steve Bannon, the director and producer of the new Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated,” a film about the famous former Vice Presidential candidate’s political rising. “The opening of this movie really caught my attention,” began Hannity, “Bill Maher used the term MILF to describe the Palin and Bachmann.” Bannon agreed saying, “The pop culture beat down that this woman took was unprecedented in history.” Bannon continued, “The media showed her crucified, hung and they show her face ripped off.” “I believe Sarah Palin would be a good President,” shared Sean, “And I know that drives liberals crazy which makes me only want to say it louder.” For more on this upcoming film, visit

Show Guests

Scott Rasmussen

Scott W. Rasmussen (born circa 1955) is an American public opinion pollster. He is the founder and president of Rasmussen Reports. He also co-founded the sports network ESPN, and is currently president of the Methodist Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, where he resides.

Michael Barone

Michael Barone is senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner. A resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, he is also a Fox News Channel contributor and co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.