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Obama left at the altar

Obama Left at the Altar
President Obama made Sean laugh last Friday with his comments over the debt ceiling negotiations. “Right before we got off the air on Friday, President crybaby said that Congressman Boehner has ‘left him at the altar’ many times,” laughed Hannity, “Apparently he’s been left at the altar by Harry Reid as well who is now putting together their own plan with Speaker Boehner.” Hannity continued, “I have some of the details but basically the President is out of the negotiations.” The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein has a great article detailing some of the possible compromises that could come about. Take a look, here.

Congressman Boehner’s Message
Sean began his second hour covering Congressman Boehner’s live press conference on the debt ceiling negotiations. “Where are the cuts and where are they coming from,” Hannity mentioned in reference to Congress’ plans to create another debt commission,” I’m concerned about the set-in-motion real cuts because I don’t want the illusion but rather actual cuts in spending.” Having another debt commission seems like a cheap way to punt the issue down the road but perhaps, if Washington is really listening closely, this will be different. Political writer Chris Weigant ran a great article on his blog, check it out at

Congressman Steve King
Sean was joined by Iowa Congressman Steve King to talk about his perspective on the debt ceiling negotiations. “The Speaker said he wants to have a one to one ratio of cuts to debt ceiling increase,” explained Congressman King, “I’m pretty sure that won’t come out of next year’s budget so we can’t make a future Congress vote on the cuts so we can’t make them keep a promise.” Hannity, agreeing with Congressman King, asked, “How many conservatives among you won’t have their arms twisted to make a deal.” Congressman King responded, “It’s a small list but I’m on it.” It’s good to hear some in Washington will continue to fight for conservative principles and hopefully that list will grow larger.

Show Guests

Steve King

Steve King served in the Iowa State Senate for six years where he assumed roles as Chairman of the State Government Committee and Vice Chairman of the Oversight Budget Subcommittee. He was a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Judiciary Committee, Business and Labor Committee and the Commerce Committees. He worked in the State Senate to successfully eliminate the inheritance tax, enforce workplace drug testing, enforce parenting rights, including parental notification of abortion, pass tax cuts for working Iowans, and pass the law that made English the official language in Iowa. King was elected to Congress in 2002 to represent Iowa's new fifth congressional district. He brings the concerns and ideas from people of the fifth district with him to work on the Agriculture Committee. He has long been dedicated to adding value as close to the corn stalk and bean stubble as possible, as many times as possible. The Fifth District ranks first in the nation for hogs and pigs... More >