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Sean: President’s Speech Last Night A Disaster

Sean: President’s Speech Last Night A Disaster
A frustrated Sean Hannity took the Tuesday airwaves and talked about the disaster of a speech by the “Anointed One” last night. “Obama has one playbook from the 1970’s. President “Cry baby,” right out of the box, blames Bush, blames Congress. Everything about him is fear, a calamity. Everything is rush, rush, rush. These guys [Democrats] have to put some plan on the table! Now they’ve got the Ryan plan, Cut, Cap and Balance, repeal Obama Care plan – all of which they’ve said no to,” Sean said. “No, no, no, no. Where’s their plan for once? Is anybody in the media going to dare demand that they put their plan in writing? Put it in the House, put it in the Senate and let’s vote on their plan,” an exasperated Sean said. “It’s getting a little frustrating here because it’s so one sided. Republicans are doing everything they can to move Heaven and Earth so we don’t have this ‘disaster’ on August 2nd.” You can listen to Sean’s entire rant about Obama’s speech by clicking here.

Lee: “Obama's 'Class Warfare' Won't Solve Debt Problem”
Sean invited Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) onto ‘Hannity’ to talk about the ongoing stalemate on solving the debt crisis. The president is attempting to get out in front of the issue with speeches and several meetings with congressional leaders, but the one thing we still have yet to see from "The Anointed One" is an actual plan of his own. Obama, Sean explained, is incredibly predictable. Bumper stickers, slogans, he goes back to the 1970’s playbook – class warfare, scaring old folks with no plan of his own. But will Americans see through his propaganda and talking points? Senator Lee thinks so. “Class warfare, as much fun as it may be for the president, is not going to solve this problem. What's going to solve this problem is when Congress finally imposes upon itself permanent structural binding spending reform of the sort that we need and can obtain only through a constitutional amendment restricting Congress's ability to borrow,” Lee told Sean. Watch Sean’s entire interview with the senator by clicking right here.

Jeb Bush on 'Hannity' Great American Forum
Sean hosted a Great American Forum and invited former Florida Governor on to talk about the upcoming 2012 elections. Bush felt that the GOP has quite a few talented candidates running – all of which he felt would be fit for the office of president. The former governor felt that this primary might be different from previous primaries. “I think the old order is being dismembered. The Democratic Party in my opinion doesn't really exist, it's a coalition of communities around, you know, special interests. And President Obama was very effective in mobilizing support in the down fall of the Democratic Party, around his candidacy kind of being the organizing principle of that. And that's what he's going to try to do again. Republicans have been a little more traditional or slower to move into the 21st century model,” Bush added. You can watch Sean’s Great American Forum with Jeb Bush by clicking here.

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John Andrew Boehner (born November 17, 1949) is a conservative Republican American politician who is currently serving as the House Minority Leader in the 111th Congress. He serves as a U.S. Representative from Ohio's 8th congressional district, which includes several rural and suburban areas near Cincinnati and Dayton and a small portion of Dayton itself.

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Eric Ivan Cantor (born June 6, 1963) is the Republican representative of Virginia's 7th congressional district. The district includes most of the northern and western sections of Richmond, along with most of Richmond's western suburbs and portions of the Shenandoah Valley. On November 19, 2008, he was unanimously elected Republican Whip for the 111th United States Congress after serving as chief deputy whip for the previous six years. Cantor is currently the only Jewish Republican in the United States Congress.

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