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Libya, what's next?

Libya: What’s Next?
Yesterday, Sean spent some time covering the fierce battles in Libya and today, nearly six months after the fighting began, it appears that rebel fighters have just about ended Muammar Qaddafi’s resistance. “After six months of war, it appears that Muammar Qaddafi’s 42 year reign is about to come to an end,” began Hannity on Wednesday, “Obama and his team are racing out there to say this is a mission accomplished moment but if you put this in its context, what happens next?” Hannity continued, “The problem is that everyone wants to get rid of the dictator but the question here is what preparations has the Obama administration made for what’s next.” What happens to Libya’s weapons stockpile? What happens to Libya’s dangerous chemical weapons capability? For a war that wasn’t a war, President Obama has a lot of work to reassure Americans that Libya is in a better place than it was yesterday. For the la test on the events in Libya, visit or click here.

Colonel Oliver North
A man who’s had intimate knowledge of Muammar Qaddafi, Colonel Oliver North, joined Sean to discuss the latest situation in Libya. “It’s a great day to know that he’s on his way out,” noted North, “Though it’s clear that President Obama doesn’t have a plan for Libya’s future and this has the potential to become Somalia on steroids.” “In other words a failed state that harbors terrorists with oil,” questioned Hannity, “Or another state that harbors Al Qaeda.” To watch the entire interview with Colonel North, click here.

Don’t Let The Kids Drink The Kool-Aid
Sean was joined by Mercedes Colwin and Marybeth Hicks, author of “ Don’t Let The Kids Drink The Kool-Aid”, to talk about the government’s role in parenting. “I’m a pretty strong disciplinarian,” explained Hannity, “It’s not an easy question but how far can you go in disciplining your child.” Hicks offered, “Parenting is a skill in our culture that has really been lost but what worries me is that there are examples of uncreative parenting that you can use as an excuse to allow government to step in and take control over the rights of parents and families.” Colwin argued, “There are times when you have to jump in and in extreme cases you have to jump in.” For more on this debate, check out Marybeth Hicks’ book, “Don’t Let The Kids Drink The Kool-Aid,” by clicking here.

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Oliver North

Oliver Laurence North (born October 7, 1943) is a retired United States Marine Corps officer. Currently, he is a political commentator, host of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News Channel, a military historian, and a New York Times best-selling author.