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Friday, August 26th, 2011

It’s Storm Watch
Hurricane Joe Bastardi joined Sean to offer his thoughts on the pending Hurricane. “Atlantic City has been shut down and 300,000 people in New York City have been ordered to evacuate,” began Hannity, “Subways are shutting down and the MTA has never before halted their system so this sounds like a 100 year event.” “We’re going to get landfall on the North Carolina coast and I believe the center will hit Virginia Beach and then it will hit New Jersey, 30 miles west of Atlantic City,” warned Bastardi, “Once it gets into New England it will maintain a lot of strength.” For more on Joe Bastardi’s tracking of Hurricane Irene, click here or visit

Prepare For The 100 Year Storm
Joe Bastardi talks about Hurricane Irene and what we should do to prepare. “It’s difficult to explain exactly what is going to happen,” began Bastardi, “People who live on the shore are tough people but you haven’t seen a storm like this.” Hannity added his thoughts saying, “Governor Christy has told everyone not to go to dinner and not to go to Atlantic City, you can’t get any clearer than that.” “In this particular case I would heed all government warnings,” explained Bastardi, “If the worse does happen you won’t be laughing about this.” The National Hurricane Center has created a list of resources to prepare for this weekend’s storm. If you read one thing from this newsletter, it should be this list though we’d recommend you listen to Joe Bastardi’s interview as well.

Price Gouging or Free Market?
Sean spent time talking with callers about different plans they’ve made. In the course of conversation, it came up that there is some concern over the cost of provisions such as food and medical supplies. “Every time something like this happens people say there is price gouging,” offered Hannity, “There’s no such thing as price gouging in this situation because it all comes down to free enterprise.” Sean continued, “You charge what the market will handle and if someone came up and offered a $100 for a bottle of water, you’d probably take it.”