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Blame Bush, Again?
Sean began Wednesday’s show on a frustrated rant over President Obama’s latest attempts to blame President Bush for the country’s economic troubles. “The President got everything he wanted when he started,” an angry Hannity began, “In 2008 he was running around campaigning about President Bush running up $4 Billion in deficit spending and yet he’s done that in two and a half years but the main stream media says nothing.” Hannity continued, “I’ve said this before but the main stream media is dead, it dies in 2008.”

Vice President Dick Cheney: In My Time
Sean was joined by former Vice President Dick Cheney to discuss his new book, “In My Time”, a personal and political memoire. “Do you miss the involvement,” began Sean, “Do you miss being Vice President?” “It was great being back and occupying the White House,” reminisced Cheney, “To have the perspective of that experience was very valuable to me and it helped me deal with the difficult issues we had to deal with.” Vice President Cheney is on Hannity tomorrow but you can see a sneak peak on Fox News by clicking here. For more on the Vice President's new book, "In My Time" or to order your copy, click here.

Robert Duvall
Sean was joined on the NewsMaker hotline by legendary actor Robert Duvall. “This is a great honor for me,” gushed Hannity, “You’re one of the best actors ever and your new movie, “Seven Days in Utopia” is a great story.” “You’ve had an amazing career,” continued Sean, “Do you still enjoy it as much today as when you first started?” “Yeah, as long as I can find a spark I enjoy it very much,” responded Duvall, “I’m still getting amazing offers.” To hear this amazing interview with legendary actor Robert Duvall, click here