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Pass the jobs act now!

Pass The American Jobs Act, Now!
President Obama has spent the last few weeks promising to deliver to Congress the final version of the American Jobs Act which he outlined to the country last week. Finally, tired of waiting, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert introduced his version of the “American Jobs Act” and it’s sure to make the President angry. Among the many details is a requirement to completely remove the corporate tax rate. Now, this is a real jobs bill and one that will likely find support throughout the House. Now the amazing part of this is that, because President Obama hasn’t introduced any legislation, Congressman Gohmert was able to introduce this legislation with the title “American Jobs Act” which means President Obama can’t introduce a bill with the same title. As the President has said many times over the last few weeks, we need to pass the American Jobs Act now! To read more about this new legislation, visit or click here.

Congressman Bob Turner Wins!
The New York’s 9th Congressional district hasn’t seen a Republican in office since 1923 and yet last night political novice Bob Turner won a special election to replace Congressman Anthony Weiner. “To what extent was this a referendum on President Obama,” asked Hannity, “What are you hearing on the ground.” Turner proudly responded, “This was a grassroots victory until we hit critical mass and then we beat the machine and now I’ve been asked to send a message to Washington and I hope they hear it loud and clear.” For more on this election, visit Fox or click here.

Ed Koch
Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch joined Sean to explain why he crossed party lines to support Bob Turner in the 9th Congressional District. “I don’t agree with Bob Turner on every issue,” explained Koch, “We were in total agreement on the issue of Israel though and I spoke with Bob and he wanted to send a message to Washington and so did I.” Koch told the associated press, “I hope this result makes the president change his position on Israel.” Mayor Koch’s support was critical to Congressman Turner’s victory and certainly helpful in sending the message to Washington. Even at 86 years old, Mayor Koch has shown just how powerful a figure he can be. For more on Congressman Turner’s victory, click here.