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Cain allegations: True or False?

Cain Allegations: True or False?
Attorneys Gloria Allred and Mercedes Colwin joined the program to discuss and debate the allegations against Herman Cain. Allred is representing Sharon Bialek, the woman who went public yesterday with an accusation that the GOP presidential candidate had sexually harassed her in 1997. Allred denied her motivation to represent Bialek was politically motivated. Allred pointed out that she represented Ginger Lee who alleged Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, asked her to cover up his “sexting” scandal. “I criticize Democrats as well as Republicans. I represent victims of sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuse. I don’t care if the men are rich, famous, powerful, Democrat or Republican,” said Allred. Colwin suggested that these accusations against Cain are frivolous. “Corporations absolutely settle frivolous claims. Why? Because it can cost a tremendous amount of money to defend these sorts of claims. There are some legitimate cases out there, b ut this one just stinks to high heaven,” Colwin added. To listen to the entire debate between Allred and Colwin please click here.

Cain vs. “Real News” Networks
Sean opened Tuesday’s show by railing against the so called “real news” networks. Sean read a report from CNN in which they quoted “an anonymous friend of an unnamed accuser” as a source for their story against Herman Cain. “This is the kind of stuff that is now being quoted in the mainstream press,” Sean exclaimed angrily. “Thanks to our objective news pals over at CNN. This is what it’s come to! Where was CNN asking about Bill Ayers? Obama got through the whole campaign with nothing!” This is where things are going to get tough for Herman Cain, because this story is simply not going to go away. The liberal-leaning “mainstream media” think they see blood in the water and are doing their best to take Cain down whether their stories are substantiated or not. Click here to read the poorly reported CNN story.

Abramoff Tells All After Fall From Grace
He was America's ultimate political insider until a highly publicized corruption scandal sent him to jail and took down a number of the nation's most powerful and influential lawmakers. In 2006, Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to fraud and bribery charges related to a scheme in which he swindled American-Indian clients, manipulated public officials and pocketed tens of millions for himself and his business partner. After serving 43 months in prison, Abramoff spoke to Sean about his fall from grace and exposed the mysterious and crooked world that is American politics. Abramoff described to Sean how he would spend over a million dollars a year on concerts and sporting events to give free tickets to congressmen, senators, et cetera, and their families. You can watch Sean’s fascinating interview with Abramoff by clicking right here.