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Occupy Wall Street evicted

Occupy Wall Street Evicted
Sean was joined by Occupy Wall Street protestor and recent frequent guest Grim Womyn to get her thoughts on the future of the movement. Mayor Bloomberg made headlines this morning with his order to evict nearly 70 protesters from New York’s Zuccotti Park. “What’s going to happen on Thursday,” began Hannity, “People are saying it’s going to be the most provocative event yet, what are you planning on doing?” “We’re going to shut down Wall Street,” Womyn responded plainly, “We’re going to make a statement.” Judging from the reported smells and cases of violent attacks against women that have been reported from the Occupy Wall Street camp, that statement has already been made. For more on this developing story, click here or visit

Governor Rick Perry
Presidential hopeful Rick Perry stopped by the show to give his thoughts on the future of the campaign. “I want to give you credit,” praised Hannity, “You had a really funny line and, unfortunately many politicians have zero humor, but in this past weekend’s CBS debate you were hilarious.” “Everyone has those brain freezes and you have to have some humor with it,” laughed Perry, “It is what it is.” There’s been a lot of high pressure talk over the last few weeks as the field is seemingly beginning to thin out but it’s good to see everyone can still have a sense of humor about it all. To listen to this interview in it’s entirety including Perry’s great one liner, click here.

Rick Santelli
CNBC’s Rick Santelli lent his thoughts on the future of America’s economy and our place in the world. “What’s going on in China,” asked Hannity, “We’re so beholden that we don’t go after them for human rights violations anymore.” “There are many who are looking for China to solve their economic situation,” quickly responded Santelli, “In the end, China is buying our chips and everyone knows that once any entity owns your debt they have an unduly amount of input into how you play the game and that’s a very precarious spot for the United States to find itself in.” There’s little doubt that China is trying to position itself as the world’s super power for economics but it's not clear if everyone, including those in Washington, know how bad that would be.

Show Guests

Rick Perry

A fifth generation Texan, Governor Rick Perry is Texas' 47th governor. During his tenure, Governor Perry has maintained a strong focus on fiscal discipline, becoming only the only Texas governor since World War II to sign budgets that reduced general revenue spending. He has used his line item veto to scrub more than $3 billion in budgeted spending, while encouraging investments in the building blocks of a prosperous state: the economy, education and security. Rick Perry's political career started in 1985 as a representative for a rural West Texas district in the state House of Representatives. He was first elected to statewide office in 1990, and served as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture for two terms. Governor Perry hails from Paint Creek, a small farming community north of Abilene. His father, Ray Perry, served as a Haskell County Commissioner, school board member and a World War II tail gunner. Between 1972 and 1977, Governor Perry served in the United States Air... More >

Rick Santelli

Rick Santelli joined CNBC Business News as on-air editor in June 1999, reporting live from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. His focus is primarily on interest rates, foreign exchange, and the Federal Reserve. A veteran trader and financial executive, Santelli has provided live reports on the markets in print and on local and national radio and television. He joined CNBC from the Institutional Financial Futures and Options at Sanwa Futures, L.L.C. There, he was a vice president handling institutional trading and hedge accounts for a variety of futures related products. Prior to that, Santelli worked as vice president of Institutional Futures and Options at Rand Financial Services, Inc., served as managing director at the Derivative Products Group of Geldermann, Inc., and was Vice President in charge of Interest Rate Futures and Options at the Chicago Board of Trade for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. Santelli began his career in 1979 as a trader and order filler at... More >