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Gingrich, Romney in dead heat in N.H.

Poll: Gingrich, Romney In Dead Heat In N.H.
Sean opened Friday's program by discussing several new polls that show Newt Gingrich closing in on Mitt Romney. One poll in particular, by Magellan Strategies for the online New Hampshire Journal, stood out to Sean the most. The poll, released today, showed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has pulled into a statistical tie with Mitt Romney in the former Massachusetts governor's backyard, New Hampshire. Sean reminded his listeners that the primary season is approaching quickly. "Remember, this is all going to go very fast. We're going to come back from our holidays and on January 3rd we start in Iowa. Seven days later we start in New Hampshire. And every Tuesday there after for a while we'll have another primary - it's going to be very busy," Sean cautioned. To view the Magellan Strategies poll, please click here.

Crooked Energy Loan Guarantee Programs
Chris Horner, author of Power Grab - How Obama's Green Policies Still Your Freedom and Bankrupt America and Tyson Solcum, Director of the Energy Program at Public Citizen joined Sean to discuss the ever growing conundrum of Solyndra. The pair explained to Sean that in addition to Solyndra there are three more companies involved now - all of whom have links back to individuals in the Obama Administration: Bright Source Energy, Solar Reserve, and Granite Realiable. Horner and Solcum contend that recent emails suggest that politics did play a role in administration decisions regarding its energy loan guarantee programs. The rolls of green energy subsidies show that beyond a few headline-grabbing cases, several well-connected Democrats obtained taxpayer assistance for environmentally friendly projects. For a list of those recipients and more on this developing story, please click here.

Palin Talks Tough on 'Occupy' Movement
Sending the defiant message that they refuse to be shut down or shut up, the left-wing "Occupy" protesters took to the streets and subways in cities all across the country yesterday in what they call a mass "day of action." What did the protesters actually accomplish besides mass disorder, if anything? With reaction, former Alaska Governor, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin joined Sean on 'Hannity.' Palin was shocked that Obama and many other elected officials stood by and did nothing. "It is amazing that President Obama, Vice President Biden and former Speaker Pelosi along with many other Democrats have actually embraced this movement and actually, you know, patted these folks on their back as they have engaged in these -- some really atrocious activities. It's very misguided and these are folks who are ill-informed, not understanding really who and what it is that they should be protesting. If they truly want free men and free markets in this country, then they should be, you know, making their voices known at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and letting Barack Obama know that they disagree with the crony capitalism that he has been so engaged in and allowed to perpetuate. These folks are misguided and I think it's just atrocious what is going on," Palin explained. You can watch Sean's entire two part interview with Sarah Palin by clicking PART I | PART II