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We need tough votes

Super Committee Failures
Senator Pat Toomey, (R-PA), joined Sean today to discuss his participation in the failed Super Committee. “I always thought the Super Committee was a bad idea, “reminded Sean, “Congress doesn’t want to make the tough choices and I think we’re just kicking the can down the road.” “This was always a long shot,” explained Toomey, “I’ve been in the Senate for one year and we’re going into our third year where Harry Reid and the Democrats feel no need to pass a budget.” Toomey continued to explain, “So, we have no parameters for our spending, no blue print for the size of our deficit and how we’re going to get out of it and no legislative guardrails for the appropriation process because they’d rather not have to cast some tough votes.” Tough votes are exactly what this country needs. To listen to this interview, click here.

What's Next For Egypt?
Mike Ghouse, CEO of America Together Foundation and David Horowitz stopped by to share their thoughts on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. “Things in Egypt are coming down to the Muslim Brotherhood or worse,” began Hannity. “There are several radical Islamic groups in Egypt,” corrected Horowitz, “They’re the ones with the political power and those with Democratic elements don’t have the resources to compete.” Ghouse, slightly disagreeing, argued, “This is the first time in the history where colonialism is ending and ultimately the will of the people will lead to stability in the region.” “There is only one way to get rid of the insecurity in the area,” fought Hannity, “There’s one country that needs to be stopped and that country is Iran.” There is a brewing battle going on with Iran and while Washington continues to jeopardize our defenses with over spending and poor fiscal d iscipline, only our votes in 2012 can help to alleviate the tension and strengthen our position in the world.

Michael W. Smith's Glory
Best-selling artist Michael W. Smith stopped by the show to talk about the upcoming cruise he has planned with Sean along with the release of his new album, Glory. “I’m honored that you’re going to be at our concerts,” thanked Sean, “I’m looking forward to going on this cruise with you also.” “We have to see if we can get you to sing,” laughed Smith, “Maybe Devil Went Down To Georgia.” For more information on Sean's tour click here. To read more about Smith's new album, Glory, click here.

Show Guests

Mike Ghouse

Speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, foreign policy, islam, interfaith and cohesive societies. He offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at . Mike has a strong national and local presence in the tv, radio and print media, details at , a personal site.

Michael W Smith

Michael W. Smith was born on October 7, 1957. Smith is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. He is one of the best-selling and most influential artists in Contemporary Christian music. Smith also has achieved a considerable amount of success in the mainstream music industry. Smith is a three-time Grammy Award winner, and has earned 40 Dove Awards. Over the course of his career, Michael W. Smith has sold more than 13 million albums and recorded 29 #1 Hit songs, fourteen gold albums, and five platinum albums. Smith is an American Music Award recipient; he was also named one of People magazine's "Most Beautiful People".