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A $10,000 mistake?

Romney’s $10,000 Mistake?
Sean opened Monday's show by discussing this past weekend's Des Moines Republican presidential debate. The media was quick to attack Mitt Romney for his proposed $10,000 wager with Rick Perry over his position on health care. Perry himself went on the offensive and said Romney is “a little out of touch with the normal Iowa citizen.” Sean felt Romney's wager was being blown out of proportion. “If it's so upsetting to the media that Romney made a joke about a $10,000 bet, then why isn't it a big deal that the Obama's have thirty-seven Christmas trees, flew in a hundred people to decorate the White House and have a four hundred pound gingerbread house? Why? Because the media get to hob nob with the President at the White House. Those very people, who report on the President, go to the White House every year with their families for a White House Christmas party,” Sean said. “What a double standard. What a bunch of phonies in the media,” a disgusted Sean said.

Pollster Frank Luntz On Iowa Debate
Pollster extraordinaire Frank Luntz joined Sean in the show's second hour to discuss the weekend's debate in Iowa. Luntz felt Romney did a lot better than people gave him credit for. “I personally thought Romney did very well, but I got that wrong,” Luntz explained. Romeny did not fair well in Luntz's polling data. “He had one ridiculous line about the $10,000 bet, but overall he had a very clear, consistent, common sense response to virtually every question. But this is living proof – one line can destroy an entire impression,” Luntz added.

Can Santorum Pull Off an Upset in Iowa?
He has spent more time in the Hawkeye State than any other GOP presidential candidate, and now all that campaigning could finally be paying off. The former Pennsylvania Senator snagged a huge Iowa endorsement from Secretary of State Matt Schultz last week, a move that is sure to raise more than a few eye brows. Sean spoke with Senator Santorum to talk about his Iowa strategy. "I think that people are looking for the authentic conservative. Someone who they can trust, that's going to stand by their principles, someone who is a person with courage to be able to fight that fight. Our hope is obviously that between now and January 3rd that people are going to take a good look at us. Look at the bold plan we've put together to grow this economy and the solid leadership I've provided on national security issues and say, you know, this is the kind of commander in chief, this is the kind of leader that will stand up and make the kind of changes that are necessary in Washington," Santorum told Sean. You can watch Sean's entire interview with the former senator by clicking here.

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