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Can Newt pull out a win in Iowa?

Pat Caddell On Newt's Chances In Iowa
Pollster Pat Caddell joined guest host Mark Simone in the first hour of Wednesday's show and discussed the latest Iowa polls which show a significant drop in Gingrich's popularity. "Things are just crazy now," Caddell told Mark. "Romney has a lot of momentum and support. Gingrich has undergone the single greatest attack I think I have ever seen on a candidate in American political history. If I were Gingrich I would say 'look, the people that failed America are against me - if they hate me so much you should be for me.' Gingrich should ask people if they want to keep things the same or if they want to change America and change politics in a big way," Caddell added. You can listen to Mark Simone's entire interview with Pat Caddell by clicking right here.

Tales of Stand-Up, Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem
Comedian and Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond joined Mark Simone to discuss his incredible new book, "God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked." Hammond's book offers a raw, poignant, and often hilarious look inside the troubled life and mind of an American comic icon. From his childhood that was filled with physical and emotional abuse, to a lifetime of alcoholism and self-mutilation, psychiatric hospitalizations and misdiagnoses, to the peak of fame and success as the longest-tenured cast member of Saturday Night Live (where his hilarious dead-on impressions of Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Chris Matthews, and a hundred other prominent figures ushered him to the peak of stardom) . Darrell Hammond delves into the darkest corners of his life, both in front of and behind the camera, with brutal honesty and fierce comic wit. Hammond's book is an invigorating read and the latest member to the "Hannity Book Club." For more on Darrell's book, please click here.

Global Unrest a Growing Concern at Home
Over the past year, America has witnessed firsthand the severe consequences of electing a president with no prior foreign policy experience. From the Arab Spring of discontent, which saw the overthrow of the Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak ,and later, the capture and eventual killing of long time Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, to the administration's reckless determination to keep its'08 campaign promise of ending the war in Iraq regardless of the ongoing fragile and chaotic conditions on the ground there. Through it all, we have seen a shocking lack of bold, responsible leadership from our own commander in chief. With the unexpected death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, national security is once again thrust to the forefront of the political discussion. Arizona Senator John McCain joined guest host Monica Crowley on 'Hannity' with reaction. "We just saw the departure of one of the most brutal dictators in history," McCain said. McCain explained that the people best suited to effect change in North Korea are the Chinese people. "The people that can affect the situation in North Korea is not the United States, it's the Chinese. The Chinese prop them up. If the Chinese wanted them to act in a responsible way and move forward towards a democratic, unified Korean peninsula, they could do that," said McCain. To watch McCain's interview in its entirety, please click here.

Show Guests

Michael Barone

Michael Barone is senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner. A resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, he is also a Fox News Channel contributor and co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

Pat Caddell

Patrick Hayward Caddell (also Pat or Patrick H., born May 19, 1950, in Rock Hill, South Carolina) is an American public opinion pollster and a political film consultant.