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The Supreme Court says no to Obama

The Battle in South Carolina
Right on the tail of his victory in New Hampshire, Governor Mitt Romney is charging full steam ahead. “Governor Romney won an impressive victory,” offered Hannity, “but the debate rages on.” Governor Sarah Palin joined Sean on his TV earlier this week to share her thoughts on the republican debate process. “Is there too much infighting,” asked Hannity, “In the end, does this all prepare the candidates for the billion dollar barrage?” “They need to be vetted,” offered Palin, “This will allow the most prepared candidate to rise to the top.” To watch this interview with the former Alaskan governor, click here.

Dr. Alveda King and Jehmu Greene
Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life and Jehmu Greene, Former President of the Women's Media Center and Fox News Contributor, joined Sean to discuss the controversy surrounding First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments that she has been inaccurately cast her as an “angry black woman.” “Do you believe this perception,” asked Hannity, “That she’s an angry black woman?” “She does get a lot of criticism,” responded Dr. King, “If I had any criticisms for her, I’d tell her that she needs to help stop abortions and she needs to stop school dropouts.” Greene offered her thoughts saying, “There are many women who are labeled. If we are ambitious and opinionated, things that are valued in men, we are seen as angry.” “I don’t think she’s been under any more attack than any other first lady,” offered Hannity, “I haven’t f ound the person who’s painting this false image that she talked about.” To read more and see First Lady Obama's interview, click here.

Supreme Court Says No To Obama
Leo Terrell, KABC talk show host and Civil Rights Attorney and Jay Sekulow, Chief Legal Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice, joined Sean to discuss the news this week that the US Supreme Court has denied President Obama’s recess appointments. “Recess appointments are Constitutional,” began Sekulow, “But the key to this is that you have to be in recess and the Senate isn’t in recess now.” “Let me give you the words of then Senator Barack Obama who said ‘Recess appointments are the wrong thing to do and they’re damaged goods’”, offered Hannity, “This is clearly a lawless power grab by the President.” “The Senate has had their doors open but no one is there to consider these appointments,” offered Terrell, “What the Republicans were doing is trying to prevent the President from appointing someone.” Though Terrell and Sekulow battled it out for awhile, the bottom line is the Supreme Court has already ruled and the Senate was clearly not in recess. For more on this battle, click here.

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