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Romney making strides

Romney Making Strides
Sean was joined by Governor Mitt Romney to get an update on his campaign. "You were down by double digits in Michigan," began Hannity. "The latest Gallup poll that came out yesterday has you beating President Obama by four points." Hannity pressed the Governor, "Why do you think there is so much volatility?" "I think there are a number of people on the stage who are not very well known and their numbers go down as they go through the scrutiny of the big leagues of politics." Romney continued, "This race is not about being the nominee but rather the nominee that can beat Barack Obama." "If you become president, how would you govern as a conservative?" asked Sean, "Where specifically can you point to?" "I will lower taxes," answered Romney plainly, "I'll make our military stronger and I will appoint conservative strict constructionists to the judiciary." Governor Romney is locked in a battle with Senator Rick Santorum, but, as yesterday's Gallup poll suggests, it may be s trengthening the candidates for a stronger run at the White House. For more on the Gallup poll, click here.

Back In The Game
Hannity fans got the worldwide premiere of the video for Jack Blades' new patriotic single, "Back In The Game." The video imparts a strong patriotic message of the debt of gratitude owed to the military of this nation. Blades, a huge fan of the show, appeared on 'Hannity' several weeks ago and an instant bond was established melding the political world with the rock music world. You can watch the world premiere debut of Blades' new single "Back In The Game" by clicking here. You can also pre-order a copy from Amazon by clicking here.

Gingrich Targets Obama In Attempt To Get Back Into GOP Race
With the Michigan and the Arizona Republican primaries approaching, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has been ramping up his attacks -- not on his GOP rivals, but on President Barack Obama. The Former Speaker of the House joined Sean on 'Hannity' to discuss how he plans to "rise from the ashes" once more. "I think in my case I rise by focusing on an American energy policy, getting back to $2.50 cents a gallon gasoline, outlining both the economic and National Security implications, indicating that instead of bowing to a Saudi King we ought to be drilling, and our goal should be to be so independent that we don't care with the Iranians doing in the Straits of Hormuz," Gingrich told Sean. "I want to go back to big ideas and big solutions which twice made me the frontrunner in the race. I think the country is hungry for real solutions." You can watch Sean's entire interview with Newt Gingrich by clicking here.

Show Guests

John Zogby

John Zogby (born 1948) is an American political pollster and first senior fellow at The Catholic University of America's Life Cycle Institute. He is the founder, president and CEO of Zogby International, a polling firm known for both phone polling and interactive, Internet-based polling.

Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and former Republican Governor of Massachusetts . Romney was CEO of Bain & Company , a management consulting firm, and co-founder of Bain Capital , a private equity investment firm. Romney successfully organized and steered the 2002 Winter Olympics as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. [2] Romney served one term as Governor from 2003 to 2007, [3] and was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 United States presidential election . He is widely seen as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President in the 2012 Presidential Election .