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R.I.P Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart
Sean began Thursday’s show with some really terrible news about the untimely death of conservative author Andrew Breitbart. “Here’s what I can tell you about Andrew Breitbart behind the scenes,” offered Hannity, “He was a fearless, happy warrior.” Hannity continued, “My last interview with Andrew was after he’d just gone to dinner with Bill Ayres.” “This wasn’t combat for combat’s sake,” cautioned Hannity, “He cared deeply about this country and the wrong direction it’s on, it was his life’s passion to expose hypocrisy.” Andrew Breitbart has had a significant impact on the future of the conservative movement and there’s definitely a large void. “Thank you for all you’ve done, Andrew,” ended Hannity, “May you rest in peace.” You can hear Sean’s last interview with Andrew Breitbart by clicking here. To listen to Sean’s opening monologue honoring his friend, click here.

Col. Oliver North
Sean was joined by Colonel Oliver North to discuss the former Reagan advisor’s latest visit to Afghanistan and Iraq. “Militarily, this war is being won,” kicked off North, “I do wonder if we’ve lost the war right here in Washington.” In reference to the latest scandal where American soldiers triggered protests for destroying copies of the Koran, Sean asked, “As I understand it, the people who desecrated the Koran were the people who were writing notes all over the Koran, isn’t that right?” “These Korans were so heavily inscribed with coded messages being passed from detainee to detainee that those running the prison decided they needed to do this.” North continued, “Islamic teachings say you’re not supposed to write in the Koran in any way and now, the President’s apology has certainly not calmed things down and the proof of that is two dead Americans.” To read more about the recent shootings that Colonel North was referring to, click here or visit the Associated Press.

Rick Santelli
Sean was joined by CNBC’s Rick Santelli to break down the latest issues on the economy. “Obama was going to fix our economy,” began Hannity, “But now we have $5 trillion in debt and real unemployment is up.” “The President didn’t even mention entitlements in his State of the Union Speech, “continued Hannity, “The situation we now find ourselves in is that this president got everything he wanted passed and we’re still in this situation.” “If fiscal conservatives don’t get the executive branch we’re going to have government health care,” responded Santelli, “Look, we love our country and I know we have $16 trillion in debt and we need change an we need change now.” There's not much to disagree with in that statement.

Show Guests

Rick Santelli

Rick Santelli joined CNBC Business News as on-air editor in June 1999, reporting live from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. His focus is primarily on interest rates, foreign exchange, and the Federal Reserve. A veteran trader and financial executive, Santelli has provided live reports on the markets in print and on local and national radio and television. He joined CNBC from the Institutional Financial Futures and Options at Sanwa Futures, L.L.C. There, he was a vice president handling institutional trading and hedge accounts for a variety of futures related products. Prior to that, Santelli worked as vice president of Institutional Futures and Options at Rand Financial Services, Inc., served as managing director at the Derivative Products Group of Geldermann, Inc., and was Vice President in charge of Interest Rate Futures and Options at the Chicago Board of Trade for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. Santelli began his career in 1979 as a trader and order filler at... More >

Oliver North

Oliver Laurence North (born October 7, 1943) is a retired United States Marine Corps officer. Currently, he is a political commentator, host of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News Channel, a military historian, and a New York Times best-selling author.