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Double standard facing conservative women?

Double Standard Facing Conservative Women
Dr. London of the Weill Cornell Medical College and Andrea Tantaros, co-host of Fox News' The Five, engaged in a heated debate over the double standard facing conservative women when it comes to misogynistic remarks by men in the media. Sean asked Dr. London if Obama, who has promoted the notion of polite political discourse, should have accepted one million dollars from Bill Maher who called Gov. Palin the "c" word. Dr. London who failed to see the hypocrisy of Obama's actions, tried to steer the conversation towards Rush Limbaugh's recent controversy. Andrea Tantaros, completely disagreed with Dr. London's stance. "Where feminists lose their credibility is when don't condemn misbehavior when it comes from the Left. It shouldn't matter who's saying it or for how long, to me when someone uses the "c" word it's wrong," the Fox News co-host said. You can listen to the full debate by clicking here. Unveils Unedited Video Of Obama and Radical Professor
In a "Hannity" exclusive, Sean revealed the video that by their very own admission, friends of Barack Obama have been keeping under lock and key. The existence of this footage has been the subject of widespread speculation on the Internet for many months, and the rumor mill kicked into high gear at CPAC when Andrew Breitbart declared that he had videos of Obama from his college days. One of the more explosive videos showed the president's association with a radical professor named Derrick Bell. Bell was the Jeremiah Wright of academia. This footage was intentionally covered up according to a close confidant of the president Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree in which he openly admits hiding this video during the 2008 election, apparently in order to protect his friend, Barack Obama. Sean discussed the details of these videos with Joel Pollak,'s editor-in-chief. You can watch that entire discussion, as well as the controversial videos by clicking here.

U.S. Unemployment Up in February
Sean discussed a recent report from Dennis Jacobe, Chief Economist at Gallup, that revealed that the U.S. unemployment rate jumped higher in February. The unemployment rate, according to Gallup, without seasonal adjustment, increased to 9.1% in February from 8.6% in January and 8.5% in December. But the real important number, Sean stressed to his audience, was the "underemployment" figure which stood at 19.1%, up from 18.7% in January. Gallup's U.S. underemployment measure combines the percentage of workers who are unemployed and the percentage working part time but wanting full-time work. "19.1%? That's unbelievable," Sean said incredulously. The government is due to report its employment numbers tomorrow. But, according to Gallup, even if their numbers differ slightly from the Federal Government's, the big take away is that the economy has "substantially deteriorated since January." To read the complete Gallup report, please click here.

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J. C. Watts, Jr. (born November 18, 1957) is an American politician and Canadian Football League player from Oklahoma. Watts served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003 as a Republican, representing the 4th congressional district in south-central Oklahoma.