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Texas voter ID battle

Texas Voter I.D. Battle
The Justice Department's civil rights division yesterday objected to a new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas because many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification. Liberals say the requirements are the product of Republican-controlled state governments and are aimed at disenfranchising people who tend to vote Democratic - African-Americans, Hispanics, people of low-income and college students. Republicans say the legislation is aimed at combating voter fraud. Attorneys Jay Sekulow and Francisco Hernandez joined Sean to debate the issue. Sekulow felt this was a non-issue. "This isn't a problem, it's political shenanigans by the Department of Justice. Voter I.D. Just makes sense and everyone should have one," said Sekulow. Hernandez argued that the voter I.D. Solution didn't tackle the real problem. "The real issue is in the mail-in ballots and both parties are afraid to touch that because it might anger senior citizens," Hernandez said. You can listen t o the entire debate by clicking here.

Possibility Of A Third-Party Candidate?
Sean invited political consultants Doug Schoen and Ed Rollins to the show to discuss the Alabama and Mississippi primaries. Sean asked the experts whether or not it would be beneficial to the party if the candidates took the race all the way to the Republican convention. Sean also addressed the possibility of a third party candidate jumping in to the presidential race, which both guests felt is likely. You can listen to the entire discussion with Schoen and Rollins by clicking here.

Bill Maher's New Target
The race for the Republican presidential nomination heads south today for the Alabama and Mississippi primaries. And the polls in these two important states show a very close race between the candidates. Rick Santorum joined Sean on 'Hannity' to discuss the tight race. "We're feeling really good about Alabama and Mississippi. We feel like we've -- you know, we've been picking up the moment here. We're making a lot of phone calls. We've picked up some key endorsements coming down the stretch here," Santorum told Sean. Sean also discussed Bill Maher's recent critical comments about Santorum and the liberal media bias. "It's an absolute double standard. I mean, there isn't a -- there isn't an interview that went by over the last week where I wasn't asked a question about Rush Limbaugh. And yet repeatedly, these -- these folks on the left, whether it's Maher or Letterman or you name it, they're out there trashing anybody who stands up for Christian conservative values, anybod y who dares to actually teach their children faith in their home," Santorum explained. To watch Sean's entire interview, please click here.

Show Guests

Doug Schoen

Doug Schoen was named Pollster of the Year in 1996 by the American Association of Political Consultants Dr. Schoen was President William Jefferson Clinton's research and strategic consultant during the 1996 reelection, and has been widely credited with creating and effectively communicating the message that turned around the President's political fortunes between 1994 and 1996. For more than twenty years Dr. Schoen has created winning messages and provided strategic advice to numerous political clients in the United States and to heads of state in countries around the world, including Greece, Turkey, Israel, the Philippines, Korea, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda and Yugoslavia.