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Obama's campaign will take the low road

Obama's Campaign Will Take the Low Road
“The Architect” Karl Rove joined Sean in the last hour of Thursday's show to discuss his latest column appearing in today's Wall Street Journal. In Rove's latest commentary he explains that Obama's 2008 pledge not “to pit Red America against Blue America” is no longer operative. Rove explained to Sean that with Santorum's exit on Tuesday, Obama will begin a distortion campaign that will warp beyond recognition any of Romney's arguments. “Obama will impugn the motives of anyone who disagrees with him,” Rove explained. “Mr. Romney will need to tap into the disappointment and regret that many Americans, even the president's supporters, feel about Mr. Obama.” To read Rove's entire column, please click here.

Beckel And Varney Square Off In Martin Case Debate
Bob Beckel, co-host of the FIVE, and Stuart Varney, host of Varney & Co., joined Sean to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. Varney, having lived in numerous places around the world, shared his experiences and explained how America has one of the most accepting and color blind societies on the planet. “Places like Hong Kong, India and even Europe pale in comparison to the United States,” explained Varney. Beckel completely disagreed and called Varney “naïve.” “We as a nation are completely divided,” Beckel shot back. “We have no real united front and are still a divided nation.” Beckel felt Martin was handed a raw deal and that Florida's “stand your ground” law speaks to a further issue with our second amendment rights. To listen to the entire heated debate between Varney and Beckel please click here.

What's Next For George Zimmerman?
Forty-five days after the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder by Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey. Sean invited Fox 35 reporter Shannon Butler, criminal defense Attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland and prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi to 'Hannity' to discuss the latest developments. Prosecutor Nicolazzi felt that even though forty-five days might seem like a long time, it might have been in the best interest of the case. "Right now we don't know all the evidence. And if you take a look at this special prosecutor, she was appointed on March 22nd. That's weeks ago and it took her until today to formally file those charges. So, I would say that what it looks like to me is she took her time. If it was just political or public pressure, then why not have this information, these charges out in a few days. We don't know all the evidence." Defense attorney Woodland discussed what possibly strategy the defense team might take. "You are going to have competing forensic experts, but you know, what? Zimmerman has an excuse to second-degree murder in Florida which is sudden combat. If the defense can prove sudden combat then that will absolutely make the jury declare a not guilty." Sudden combat, according to Florida law states that the killing of a human being is excusable, and therefore lawful, if "the killing is committed by accident and misfortune resulting from a sudden combat, if a dangerous weapon is not used and the killing is not done in a cruel or unusual manner." To watch this entire debate please click here.

Show Guests

Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel is an American political commentator and an analyst on the Fox News Channel. He is also a columnist for USA Today. Beckel was the campaign manager for Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign. He became known as the man who wrapped the Wendy's slogan "Where's the Beef?" around Mondale's opponent Gary Hart so effectively. While Beckel was still in college, he worked for Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1968. Early in his career, Beckel joined the U.S. Department of State and became the youngest Deputy Assistant secretary of state for the Carter administration. He was co-host of Crossfire Sunday on CNN alongside Tony Snow and later Lynne Cheney and went on to Fox News Channel as a political analyst and commentator, regularly appearing on such shows as Hannity & Colmes, Hannity, and America's Newsroom.

Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney is a conservative British-American economic journalist, currently working for the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network in the United States. Varney joined Fox News in January 2004 as a business contributor on many shows, such as Your World with Neil Cavuto. Varney will also occasionally serve as guest host for Your World and the shows on the Cost of Freedom business block.