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The Buffett rule doesn't work

The Buffett Rule Failures
Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of the FIVE on FNC and attorney Mark Levine, joined Sean to talk about the Buffett Rule. “The US Senate voted today on this gimmicky distraction, the Buffett Rule,” began Sean, “The President is asking those making over $1 million, including small businesses, to be taxed at a minimum of 30%.” Sean continued, “This would only add $47 Billion in new revenue over 10 years but Obama has a proposed deficit increase of $6.7 trillion so this would cover just .007% of all of Obama’s debt.” “The President is never going to get anyone to pay any more taxes if the rich aren’t paying their fair share,” countered Levine, “The richest Americans used to pay 30% and now they’re only paying 18%.” Levine continued, “We need a system where everyone is asked to pay their fair share.” “Most of the rich people, like the Kennedys, make most of their money through capi tal gains,” countered Hannity,” Are you suggesting they be double taxed? “ “You’re well intentioned,” disagreed Guilfoyle, “But you’re assuming that this only impacts rich people but increased capital gains and estate taxes which hit others.” Guilfoyle added, “We need to become a nation of wealth and rewarding entrepreneurship.” The Washington Post ran a great editorial on the Buffett Rule and what it might mean for you. Click here for more information.

Obama Still Supports Maher?
Charles Payne, host on the Fox Business Network and Chief Analyst at W Street, and Juan Williams Fox News Political Analyst came on the show to discuss the latest controversial remarks from Bill Maher against women. To set the scene, Maher took to his HBO show to defend Hilary Rosen’s remarks that Ann Romney had “never worked a day in her life.” If you haven’t heard about this controversy, you can read Sean’s coverage from Friday at “No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job,” commented Maher, “I think what Rosen meant to say, I think was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.” “Maher makes his living by saying things that are controversial,” explained Williams, “The President has made it very clear that this is not the way we should be talking about anybody.” “This is outrageous,” countered Payne, “If the President would draw a line in the sand we know there would be some who you’d say ‘don’t even write me a check’ but the President hasn’t done anything to back up his words.” This debate rages on but it definitely proves these verbal controversies aren't limited to Republicans. For more on Maher's comments including video, visit Fox News.

Nukes in Iran
Former UN ambassador, Ambassador Dore Gold, joined Sean discuss the President's comments that he is not giving Iran a freebie by allowing them another month to comply with nuclear sanctions. “It seems to me as an observer that the clock is running out,” began Sean, “It’s obvious that the Iranians have thumbed their nose at world opinion and have continued to enrich uranium.” “You’re 100% right,” agreed Gold, “The best source is Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta who said in an interview with 60 minutes that Iran would have nuclear weapons within one year.” December 2012 isn’t that far away and President Obama really needs to do all he can to support Israel during this difficult time. Though Panetta has been clear that this is a number one priority, it's not clear whether the United States will be able to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons. Click here to read Panetta's interview with CBS News.

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