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Are guns safe?

Redistribution of GPA
Sean kicked off Monday’s show talking about a new petition on the campus of Wisconsin’s Carthage College that begged the question of whether students would benefit from a grade-point average redistribution plan. The Young America’s Foundation on campus asked if students would be OK with having the GPAs of the top 10 percent doled out to the rest of the college’s student population. One student replied, “No, because I work hard for my grades.” Other students were more accepting of the proposal arguing, “There are oftentimes outside factors that leave students at an unfair disadvantage.” “Some of the students argued that it takes away from the kids who work hard,” laughed Hannity, “Even the MTV generation doesn’t want the fruits of their labor given away in the name of fairness.” “This is not what real life is all about,” critiqued Hannity, “Under Obama, this country has gon e through mass hypnosis, but some people are waking up.” Listen to this segment here. Read more about this here.

Patrick Buchanan
Sean was joined by former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan to discuss the latest scandals in Washington. “Let the good times roll in Washington DC,” began Buchanan, “The first lady has traveled around the world at great expense to the American tax payer.” Buchanan continued, “We have Secret Service members having girls coming to hotels and the GSA throwing a big $800,000 party in Las Vegas.” “Let’s say that Barack Obama wins a second term, and I know that’s not what a lot of my audience would like to hear, but let’s imagine,” began Hannity, “What does that mean for the country?” “We’re going to have absolute gridlock,” argued Buchanan, “Barack Obama has been out there for six months campaigning as if it’s the last six weeks of the election.” “It’s true,” agreed Hannity, “It seems more like October than April.” “T here’s nothing that the president can say has been done better than when he got here,” continued Hannity, “He has nothing else other than the politics of personal destruction.” In Buchanan’s last book, “Suicide of a Superpower,” he challenged the notion that this country is on the right direction. If you haven’t had the chance, you should absolutely check out his book here.

Levine and Lott: Are Guns Safe?
Mark Levine, the Washington DC radio host and former employee for the House Judiciary Committee, and John Lott, the former chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission, stand your ground law and why we need to more clearly define the rules. “John, I’ve interviewed you when you wrote the book, ‘More Guns, Less Crime’,” Began Hannity, “But you’ve analyzed the data?” “That’s right,” responded Lott, “Ultimately we all care about the bottom line and that’s the question about what saves lives.” “The problem with stand your ground type laws is that it encourages people to bring guns to a fist fight,” argued Levine, “it’s really that simple.” “John, you’ve studied the reality of gun violence,” pressed Hannity, “what does the data tell us?” “More jurisdictions are reporting the cases of gun violence so tha t’s why we’ve seen an increase in gun violence,” argued Lott, “If somebody fires a gun improperly they’ll be listed in a state report and he’ll have his permit suspended or revoked.” Levine continued, “I went through 25 years of data and the rate of problems with all these permit holders is so incredibly rare, so you need to really weigh the costs.” You can decide for yourself if guns are safe. Click here to learn more about John Lott's book, "More Guns, Less Crime."