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Who deserves to spike the political football?

Who Deserves To ‘Spike The Football?’
May 1st, the anniversary of perhaps one of the greatest days in American history has now become a vicious political campaign tactic, but who are the real victims? It is the one year anniversary of which the remarkable SEAL Team 6 raided and killed top al Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden. A time in which the United States should ban together, politics aside, and celebrate the victory of an eleven year manhunt, it has instead become a blame-placing and credit-taking circus. Sean invited Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke on radio in order to get the perspective of the Navy SEALs on their mission being used as a political firestorm. Shortly after Bin Laden's death, president Obama said of the incident "Americans and people around the world are glad that he's gone. But we don't need to spike the football." Fast forward to the present and now that Obama has a re-election campaign to run it appears as though the football is being spiked - over, and over, again. Ironically, the Obama administration is now taking credit for the death, but refusing to acknowledge that it was measures such as enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) allowed under the previous administration which paved the road-map to Bin Laden. Worse than not acknowledging it, Obama adamantly rejects and actively pursues tying the hands of intelligence and military agencies in order to continue getting such vital information for our national security. US Navy Seal Ryan Zinke expressed frustration at the Obama administration's inability to give thanks to the SEALs and Bush administration for their past activities. Additionally, Zinke was concerned with the little effort Obama has put towards the troops, and that troops need to see a president who supports them.

Herman Cain's Vision To Save America
Yesterday, Sean welcomed Herman Cain to his radio show to discuss his new book, "9-9-9 An Army Of Davids," and last night invited Cain on to discuss his book more in depth on "Hannity." "The reason I wrote the book," Cain explained, "is because we are up against a big government Goliath. We the people have to be the heat. We have to take on Goliath, which means putting the heat on the people that are in Washington, D.C., and those that are going to get elected in the new Congress," Cain explained. Cain also revealed that Mitt Romney is also in the process of organizing a "unity dinner" for all the GOP candidates to get together and heal from the wounds inflicted from a particularly rough primary season. "Romney is very serious about reaching out, not only to the other candidates, but to all the citizen activists that are out there. We know that there is a lot of healing that needs to be done because this primary campaign was so negative, there was so much attack." To watch Sean's interview with the former presidential candidate, please click here.

Newt Suspends His Campaign
During Sean's show, in Arlington, VA Newt Gingrich officially announced a "suspension" for his 2012 Presidential Campaign. Gingrich began and shortly into his speech had to pause as he was overcome by a moment of emotion as he thanked his daughters for being the best debate coaches. He also thanked Calista's mother for following every step of the campaign and enduring just as much as they had. He also showed appreciation for his 179,000 donors and singled out his brother Randy who traveled all over the country campaigning for him. Amongst his heavy-hitters was Governor Rick Perry who stood by Gingrich the whole way through and told him I'm with you "til the cows come home." Herman Cain, Todd Palin and Michael Reagan also were addressed as having been incredibly beneficial supporters. Gingrich then went on to the voters. He thanked the voters of south Carolina and apologized for breaking their tradition of always having picked the nominee. He admits he will feel "slightly guilty every time I go through South Carolina." Said primary night of South Carolina is a night he and his family will never forget; it was a tremendous experience. On a lighter note he joked that "perhaps the moon colony was probably not my most clever comment" but that at least he assisted in "providing material for Saturday Night Live." He then addressed the question, "Is mitt Romney conservative enough?" His answer was not yes or no, but said "this is not a choice between Romney and Ronald Reagan. This is a choice between Romney and the most radical leftist president in American history." For an entire recap of Newt's campaign suspension announcement, please click here.

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Herman Cain

Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is a newspaper columnist, businessman, political activist, and radio talk-show host from Georgia. He is best known as the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza. He is a former deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain's newspaper column is distributed by North Star Writers Group. He currently lives in the Atlanta suburbs. In January 2011, Cain announced he had formed an exploratory committee for a potential candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.