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Death to bake sales

The Tea Party is Alive
Fox News contributor Tamara Holder and Penny Nance of the Concerned Women for America joined Sean to talk about Indiana Senator Dick Lugar’s primary battle loss last night at the hands of Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock. “I wanted Mourdock to win, I endorsed him,” began Sean, “Lugar had lost touch with his roots.” “We knew this was going to happen because Lugar has lost touch with his constituents,” agreed Nance, “He was called to account and it was time, he was an old-school Republican who didn’t even have a fulltime residence in the state.” “Lugar is so far right that he makes you look liberal,” countered Holder, “The Democrat PAC put money into this campaign.” Sean interrupted Holder saying, “Yeah, they put money into the campaign because they knew he was going to lose but they’re not going to win that Senate seat.” With Republicans needing just four seat s to take over the Senate, each battle will be an important one. Mourdock’s strong reputation within the state leads him to be in decent shape to win election in November but the battle will be one to watch. For more on this story, click here.
Obama Donations are Questionable
Tucker Carlson, founder of the Daily Caller and Neil Munro, the Daily Caller White House correspondent to discuss dubious campaign donations that have appeared on the ledgers of the Obama campaigns. “Back in 2008 there was some squirrely stuff where they were taking money from anonymous donors,” began Munro, “They were taking money from people online where they couldn’t confirm the identities.” “Now, they’re being more careful,” explained Munro, “But now people are calling from around the country saying that they’re seeing donations appearing on their credit and debit cards. This may be a mistake, but maybe the campaign is cutting corners.” “The bottom line is that President Obama’s PAC’s largest donor is Bill Maher,” offered Carlson, “If Bill Maher is your biggest contributor then you’re in trouble because it really should be some software guy or some hedge fund bil lionaire.” There’s really no win for President Obama here. As the article points out, it’s either gross negligence or something more. For more information on this story, visit The Daily Caller.

Death to Bake Sales
The food police are back and this time they’re cracking down on bake sales. Sean was joined by Susan Levin, Director of Nutrition Education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM, Dr. Susan Mitchell, Fellow of the American Dietetic Association and talk show host Jay Severin to discuss Massachusetts planned ban on bake sales in schools. “I would assume we don’t want kids to eat junk food,” began Hannity, “But are we really going to ban bake sales?” “You can change what’s being served at school lunches and change every kid,” explained Dr. Mitchell, “If you make healthy food taste great and you educate them it’ll work.” “I don’t think the ban is on all bake sales,” argued Levin, “I think it was a ban before and after school and this is important that we make healthier options available.” “The Boston Globe says they’re trying to expand the ban,” shot back Hannity, “Why don’t we get the government out of the business of being in our business.” “The problem with Orwell is that he’s insufficiently Orwellian for 2012,” laughed Severin, “Coming from the political side, if the local community made a decision like this you’d see a different reaction but this just seems that this is an on-high mandate being slammed down from the Governor. “ What’s next? No salt in your restaurants? For more on this story, click here.

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