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Hush money?

Anatomy Of A Smear Campaign
The Washington Post hit piece on Mitt Romney attempting to portray him as an anti-gay bully in high school. Even after numerous holes that have been punched in the story, they chose to publish the article about Romney's high school pranks on the front page. If John Kerry was counting on Dan Rather's help during the '04 campaign, it certainly looks like President Obama has the Washington Post in his corner in 2012. Sean welcomed former Bush adviser, Fox News contributor Karl Rove to discuss The Post's smear campaign. Rove felt the fact that the newspaper was trying to focus on something that happened decades ago demonstrates how desperate the Obama campaign has become. “I mean, please, let's get on to more important things. Let's get on to things that have to do with their real character as adults and with their real values and views as adults and most important of all the real values views and actions as political leaders. And President Obama, he likes this, he wants thi s kind of discussion all day long. If we are talking about Mitt Romney's, you know, pranks as a student in high school, we are not talking about a dismal economy, a failed stimulus bill, a health care bill that people hate, and a president who has failed to lead this country as he led us to believe he would.” To watch Sean's entire interview with Karl Rove please click here.

Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, joined Sean in the show's final hour to discuss how he's working to bring fiscal discipline and accountability to the federal government. Ryan discussed with Sean the latest budget from the president and the proposal for 11 trillion dollars in additional deficit. Ryan explained the country could very well go bankrupt because we can not pay for the endless programs that the president wants to subsidize. The Democratic Congress and Senate both have not provided a balanced budget in over 3 years. Obama has begun to use fear to scare people into believing Paul Ryan's budget proposal is out to kill and mame the public. Ryan calmly explained that his proposal is not a wide and broad-spread cutting tactic, but that his bill has specific and designated areas to cut, so that we can stop borrowing, taxing and taking money from the future of our children.

The Amateur
In the 2008 elections and now again in 2012, Sean has been the leading proponent of the need to vet Barack Obama and go through his past with a fine-toothed comb. That past, however, is very difficult to find. No transcripts, no college papers; really not much more than his own autobiography, “Dreams from My Father” in which he admits to having been somewhat of a free spirit and experimenting with drugs. Due to his vaporous past, Sean has focused on the next closest thing: his closest friends and mentors. Amongst the most important and controversial is Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Rev. Wright is known for racist, anti-American rants, proclaiming that the tragedies of 9/11 was “Americans’ chickens come home to roost.” Obama sat in this man’s church for over 20 years who he himself referred to as his “spiritual adviser” and mentor. Author Ed Klein joined Sean to discuss his shocking new book “The Amateur.” In an interview with Reverend Wright he told Klein that Erik Whitaker, a long time friend of Obama, sent an email to him asking him not to preach until after the November elections, and that Whitaker, through another member of the Church, offered $150,000 in hush money. Klein told Sean about other bombshells including how Obama apparently begged Wright to attend a secret meeting with him and the lengths to go to trying to keep it a secret. For more on Ed Klein's new book, p lease click here. To listen to Sean's interview with Klein, please click here.