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NY Times fails Obama?

Too Good To Be True
Sean kicked off Tuesday’s show with something “just too good to be true.” “For years Democrats have used class warfare as a campaign tactic,” began Sean, “Granny over the cliff all comes back to the fact that Democrats have no story of success to run on.” Hannity continued, “They came out last night with a campaign ad against Mitt Romney that shows his company went out of business but Romney had left two years earlier to run the Salt Lake City Olympics.” Sean sat down with pollster Frank Luntz to break down this latest attack and you can see more here. While it’s difficult to act surprised about these various political attacks; Sean’s point is a great one. It really is too good to be true that the Democrats think they can use these attack ads to further their agenda, especially since most of America is seeing right through them.

Dividing America
Angela McGlowan and Santita Jackson Fox News political analyst Angela McGlowan and talk show host Santita Jackson sat down with Sean to discuss the 2012 presidential campaigns. “The Washington Examiner broke a story that House Democrats have received training on how to criticize conservative messages as racist,” began Hannity, “In other words Republicans are trying to kick granny off the cliff.” “The fact that they’re sitting in a room and orchestrating a campaign to divide the country, why isn’t this front-page news everywhere,” pressed Hannity. “Voters should go to the ballot box informed and by using these types of tactics people vote on emotion,” offered McGlowan, “This is a real travesty.” “I don’t think they’re playing on our emotions,” countered Jackson, “I think they’re playing on the racially coded conversation in this campaign.” “How is this racially coded,” pushed back Hannity, “I’ve given three incidents where the race card was played and now we have a meeting among Democratic leaders on how they can use the race card and that doesn’t offend you?” “What I want more than anything is for us to go beyond race,” responded Jackson, “I support the Democrats defending the poor and if they have to train the people who are going to get out there then they have to do that.” For more on the Washington Examiner’s investigation, click here.

NY Times Fails Obama
Doug Schoen and David Webb Sean was joined by Doug Schoen and David Webb to break down the recent CBS/NY Times poll that has Mitt Romney ahead by three points. Now, President Obama’s campaign is discrediting the poll as inaccurately skewed to create a specific result. “This is the NY Times and CBS,” began Hannity, “Frankly I view these guys as note takers for President Obama’s campaign and now Obama is going to criticize them?” “Thanks to things like talk radio the media can’t ignore what Americans know and that is that people are out of work,” offered Webb, “And now we see that nothing is different under Obama.” “They can’t run on their record,” added Schoen, “And they don’t have a program for the future so they’re going to run on demonizing Romney.” While it’s true that polls are often up to some interpretation, having Romney ah ead in this poll is clearly not a good sign for the Obama camp.

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Doug Schoen

Douglas Schoen is a political analyst, pollster, author, and commentator in the United States. He appears regularly on Fox News. He partnered with political strategist Mark Penn and Michael Berland in the firm of Penn, Schoen & Berland. Schoen graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School and attended Horace Mann High School in New York City. He has worked on the campaigns of many Democratic party candidates including Ed Koch and Bill Clinton, as well as on behalf of corporate clients. He also did work for Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. His opinions are carried by media covering the Barack Obama administration.